Hi all. In my last post I mentioned how I came into the world and my favourite bands and TV show. I do have other interests that I try to keep up with.

One of the more lesser known public broadcasts heard on radio is a service provided by both NOAA Weather Radio in the US and Weatheradio Canada in well, Canada. These can only be heard on receivers which can tune into 7 frequencies in the 162.400 to 162.550 MHz range. These include: standalone Weather Radios, Marine radios, some CB and GMRS radios, Police Scanners and lately Ham transceivers.

I have been into it since 1988 and in 2011 I started my own newsletter which talks about it and other related topics.
I do all the writing and a friend of mine does the secondary co-editing for me. I also do other work relating to it including: making phone calls and sending out emails to various people who help me with their own contributions in each issue.

This leads to my hobby as a licensed Ham Radio operator. I have been a Ham for 4 years and my call is VA3WXA. The WX is for weather and the A is for alert. However some people misconstrue it for amateur, intentionally just to piss me off. 🙂

I chose it because I am also a trained weather spotter. All though I haven’t really had a chance to use what I have been tought yet.

If you live in Canada you can go to CANWARN training sessions each spring across the country. If you live in the US, you can go to SKYWARN training sessions across the country, also in the spring. Both these programs are volunteer driven by both Environment Canada and The National Weather Service. Both CANWARN trained and Skywarn trained spotters have helped out with detection of severe weather of many types throughout the year.

If you would like to learn about my newsletter you can go to http://www.qrz.com/db/va3wxa and there is a lot of stuff to go through but it is worth the read.

That is just about it for now. Talk to you later. By.


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