Hi all. Today on this rather cold Toronto morning I would like to discuss my views on celebrities and how they are portrayed by us regular folk and the media. I should also point out that I have met some celebs who have all been nice to me and they have all taken the time to shake my hand and talk with me for a moment.

In person, they are just like us. The only thing is they get to travel around the country, or the world, doing what they do for a living. I have never really been star struck and I always try to find out what they sound like before meeting them. Here are a couple of stories about meeting my two favourite bands.

On April 7th 2000 the metal band Slipknot was in Toronto for a meet and greet at a record store, which still exists to this day. I arrived and bought something and was given a promotional CD from the band. I went back outside to line up and a few minutes later or something I was pulled to the front and taken in by someone at Road Runner Records. I got to meet all 9 guys. One of the members, Sean, who is known as Clown was guiding me around. One of the guys shook my hand and I don’t think he wanted to let go. He held on for a few seconds. I can’t remember who it was. Anyway, I got an autographed video tape and a picture of them playing air hockey.

Another story involves the singer for Slipknot but he was in his other band Stone Sour. This took place on December 6th 2002. I heard on the radio that Corey Taylor of both Slipknot and Stone Sour was coming to do an interview and I went to the radio station. At the time it was a store front studio and anyone could walk in.

I was lucky in that got there before Corey and the folks at the station took me inside and sat me down. When Corey came in he had just woken up and came down to do the interview. He was very nice and he asked that there were no Slipknot questions during the interview. However he did talk with me about the new Slipknot DVD at the time: “Disaster Pieces” which came out shortly before.

We both had Tim Hortons coffee. I had a double double and he had black. When he took a sip he actually said “hot” after taking a breath through his mouth. This is the same guy who sings in Slipknot and tells the croud “get down on the fuckin ground right now” at a certain point during the show. Oh, I also went to the Stone Sour concert that evening and it was awesome. I sang along with almost every song and I think Corey may have seen me.

Anyway, that didn’t change anything for me about him. It just made me like and appreciate him more as a human being.

To end this, what I am saying with these stories is that not all celebrities are assholes and a lot are probably very approachable if we just be who we are and not try to bother them all the time for an autograph or something. Just be normal and you may have a better chance of getting an autograph or something from a famous person.

Well, that’s all for now. Talk to you later. By.


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