Hello readers and potential new ones. Yesterdays post was how I got the name Blind Gordie. Today I would like to bring up two things I love that are very much the same, yet different from each other. They are: the heavy metal band Slipknot and the long running television show The Simpsons.
Let’s talk about The simpsons first. They are a disfunctional family and they live in a fictional town of Springfield. They are surrounded by many different characters who have outstanding qualities, in that you can tell them all apart from each other.
Now we will get to Slipknot, who are a 9 piece metal band from Iowa and they wear masks and cover-alls on stage and in press interviews. They are surrounded by management and a record label who supports their creative process and what they are doing. The members are not names but numerals decided amongst each other and the number each member has is special to that person. Why do I like both with the same enthusiasm? How do they both speak to me? Well, just come with me and I will tell you in this post and the next one.
In the case of Slipknot, I like mostly Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music anyway. When I heard them for the first time, it was during the New Metal trend in the late 1990’s. This was when bands like: Korn and Limp Bizkit were popular and Grunge was over. I discovered them on a campus radio station in Hamilton on their metal show and I was hooked by the aggressive nature of the music. They were slated to open for one of the bands I liked at the time but it didn’t happen, when they came to Toronto in June 22nd 1999. I kept hearing more and more from Slipknot and I was hooked. I bought the first CD and had it on my stereo at the time almost continuously, until Nine Inch Nails released their new CD in September. I have followed them ever since; having seen them twice and met them in 2000. For more on that, check out one of my previous posts.
In the case of The Simpsons, it took a long time to hook me in. There were many factors distracting me from the show at the time: I was going through high school and all the tribulations along with that, I wanted to be a rock musician and I focused all my energy on that dream until it fell apart and I had no TV. Unlike Slipknot, I didn’t really care about the show when it first went on air because of all of the above. I didn’t really start hearing it untill about 4 years later, when I would watch the occasional episode on a TV we had at our boarding school. I thought it was funny and the voices were interesting.
Another distraction was the show South Park and its own brand of humour. I got into it briefly and lost interest in about 2000. However throughout the 90’s to present day I always kept hearing more and more Simpsons clips on the radio. When I managed to gain access to the internet I started using Google and found Wikipedia. I looked at my favourite bands and comedians and found that most had appeared on the show. So, that lead me to start looking at their Wikipedia pages and also, read up on all the characters and voice actors. Why? Because I was, and still am, curious.
Another landmark event for me was finding their episode of Inside The Actors Studio on Youtube in late 2012. Hearing the voices of the actors for the first time was just a treat for me. The most surprising was Dan Castellaneta’s normal speaking voice, compared to his other character voices on the show. When he went into character it further blew my mind and I thought “wow! I used to do that back in the day, imitating teachers and other staff at school.” Unfortunately I didn’t really have the voice then to do it justus.
I also went on Youtube during late spring and summer of 2013, looking for old episodes that I missed or read about. I heard most of them and found other clips as well. I also found most, if not all the fan sites on the net. I even took The Simpsons personality test and I am a cross between: Dr. Hibbburt, Mr. Burns, Bart, Lisa and Homer Simpson. I think I have a lot of Homer’s traits, except that I am not overweight, I am smarter than him and I don’t drink.
That is it for this post. In the next one I will get into more detail on how both the band and the show speak to me.


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