Hello my friends. I hope things are good. This is the second part of yesterdays post on how both The Simpsons and Slipknot speak to me. You will learn about all the different sides to my personality.

Let’s explore why I like Slipknot first. When I heard them in 1999 their aggressive style attracted me because there was no other band who were this heavy and at the same time, accessible. They have some melodic parts in their early songs from the first CD and I have always liked melody. At the same time the rage and anger in the music was something that made me take notice.

In the 90’s I became a fan of bands such as: Nine Inch Nails, Pantera, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Sepultura, Soul Fly and Fear Factory. All of these bands have a sound that doesn’t really attract a mainstream audience and yet, most of them were played on the radio by the time 1999 showed up. All of them have a similar kind of rage in their music that Slipknot had and still has but they didn’t necessarily have all the elements in their music that Slipknot uses to get their message across.

There is also a sense of darkness that I found attractive as well. I am generally a happy guy but I must admit that I have a part of me, who is attracted to dark music and dark humour. Some of Slipknot’s songs reflect that part of me as well, such as: Snuff, which is the closest thing they have written to a power ballad. The difference is that it is darker yet accessible.

Slipknot also reflects a part of me, who says “fuck you” to authority and will question it sometimes. This has resulted in me becoming a loner who was happy to be alone. Maybe that is why a band like Slipknot has kept me as a fan since 1999 and I have stuck with them throughout all their twists and turns throughout their career so far. They are the only band that caught my attention immediately and has held it ever since.

On the other hand, The Simpsons reflects the warm and fuzzy side to my personality. After all, it is about a family who really love each other, despite how certain characters get along together sometimes.

As I said in the last post, my personality may be a cross betwene: Dr. Hibburt and Mr. Burns. Dr. Hibburt is a good natured character in the show and Mr. Burns is the villain. I am not mean but I can be rather posessive of my material goods and can be greedy at times.

The other characters my personality crosses with are: Bart, Homer and Lisa Simpson. With Bart, I have some of his rebelliousness toward authority from his age on the show. I wrote a nasty letter to a staff member at our school and I got in trouble for it. I did it because she slapped me the first time we met and that made me dislike her ever since, thus the letter. Unlike Bart, I didn’t have run ins with everyone who was in authority at school. There were some people who were always nice to me and took me at face value.

With Homer, I have his silly child like side. I show it to people I know, who will laugh at it and will except it for what it is. I guess I have his musical abilities as well because I can play guitar, sing and play drums. Another thing I also share is Homer’s stupidity. It isn’t obvious but I can do dumb things sometimes but my ass is always saved by either myself or someone else.

With Lisa, as a child I tended to be winey if I didn’t get my way and I probably still am. I am always trying to get noticed and get very upset when nobody listens to me. Her musical abilities on the show have also struck a chord with me because of how great a singer she is (through Yeardley Smith) and my rather secret love for some forms of music, other than rock. However I have no aspirations for politics and I am not a vegetarian, yet I love animals like Bart. I do have a soft spot for cats and small dogs. Also, like all 3 of them, I do enjoy children’s cartoons because of the sound affects.

I also enjoy the general humour on the show. I appreciate that they touch on serious topics in a very funny way, such as bullying. I was a victim of it when I was at school and it doesn’t bother me how they approach it, despite this.

I also enjoy the touching moments on the show that just make you want to cry. Such as: when a character dies, someone is in trouble, when a Father reunites with his son or when Bart and Lisa display their love for each other as siblings. I get choked up when I watch episodes with moments like that. One moment that did it in particular was in the movie, when Marge, Bart and Lisa left without Homer, when they were going to save Springfield. Homer returned to find them gone and we hear Marge’s message to Homer on their wedding video. Now, that was very touching.

My favourite episode is Lisa’s First Word. It has all the posssitive elements of the show and I like how Bart calls Homer by his name instead of Daddy. However, it makes me jump when Dr. Hibburt gives Bart a needle. Why? I’m afraid of needles because they hurt.

If there is one thing that can tie the two entities together is that they both have a clown. In the band Slipknot one of the members wears a clown mask as a part of his head gear. On The Simpsons there is a character called Krusty The Clown, who is a kids show host but is also a rather unpleasant person off air.

Another thing that ties them together for me is they both have stayed with the same principal people over the years. Slipknot has had the same lineup despite the death of their bass player in 2010. The Simpsons has had the same voices throughout the series, despite suffering the deaths of voice actors who voiced semi regular characters on the show. These include: Phill Hartman as: Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz. Also the death of Marcia Wallace, who voiced Edna Krabappel, one of the teachers at Springfield Elementary School. I applaud both the band and the show cast for sticking it out through everything and still being here to entertain us. I also happen to like everyone involved with both the band and the show, despite that I haven’t met anyone on The Simpsons yet and I have only met Slipknot once. I’m just glad that they are both still active so I can continue to enjoy what they do.

Well, that is why I love both The Simpsons and Slipknot and how they have touched my life in a positive way. Talk to you tomorrow. By.


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