Hi all. If you use the iPhone or the iPad you probably know about Siri. It is an invaluable tool for handsfree operation while driving, for taking notes and other things.
I have the iPhone 4S and it has Siri as one of its features. I use it a lot for various reasons. Mostly making phone calls and taking notes are my top two reasons for using it.
I have heard that people try to talk to Siri like it is another person. I don’t understand this at all. Yes, it is meant to answer a question you ask but it is not another human being. This is a machine you are talking to. Remember?
On this same topic, most people don’t know that you have to talk to Siri as if it is stupid. What I mean is to talk to it slowly and calmly. Talking fast and in a noisy environment screws it up and it gives you the wrong information. You know how some voice activation lines say to be in a quiet area, while asking for a menu item? The same rule applies for Siri. It needs to hear you in order to cary out your request.
Also, when it gives you a wrong request, don’t get mad at it and swear. It doesn’t do anything, except waste time for you. Just press the home button and then start again by holding down the home button on the iPhone or raising it to speak.
These are just my views on how to use Siri. You may have your own. Please use it wisely. By the way, this blog post was composed entirely using Siri.
“I’m sorry. I do not understand that.”


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