Hi all. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post I have started a newsletter, which is dedicated to Weather Radio in both Canada and the US. Once a week I will be posting segments from it here, so you can see what it is about and why I try to promote it to people in North America.
In this newsletter we have discussed Weatheradio Canada and NOAA Weather Radio. As well as all aspects of this service. We have provided general updates as necessary.
This periodical was designed for both new and seasoned listeners alike. We have discussed from time to time, subjects such as NOAA (All Hazards Weather Radio), volunteer programs such as Canwarn and Skywarn; as well as the hobbies using Amateur or Hamradio. We have also discussed the very important role that Weather Radio plays in society to inform the general public of weather hazards, potential disasters, storms, and much more.
From time to time, we have answered frequently asked questions and also explained some of the exciting technology behind this service.
Also we have included individual stories of how Weather Radio has helped to save both lives and property. Weather Radios can be purchased at various electronics stores that specialize in radios and other equipment such as:
BML Communications at,
Durham Radio at,
Radio World at,
Burnaby Radio at,
Weather Radio Store at,
and many more retailers throughout North America.
When planning to purchase your first Weather Radio, it is highly recommended to look for the Public Alert identification logo.
Next time I will post an article about SAME, which is very helpful in alerting us of local weather warnings. Till tomorrow, by.


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