Well, today is another day and 18 days closer to Sma$$. However, that isn’t the meat of the post.
The world has become closer in the last few years, thanks to social networking and I am enjoying it like all get out. When it comes to Twitter and Facebook I use Twitter a lot more because you seem to have more freedom to follow whom ever you like, without revealing your past. Not that I have ever done anything wrong but going to school wasn’t always nice.
With Facebook they ask you to put where you went to school, so it could dictate whom you may want to have as a friend. Twitter does the same thing but you have more of your own free rain to choose your friends. Now, whether they want to be friends with you on both Facebook and Twitter is out of your hands.
With Twitter, I have had a chance to follow my favourite celebrities and even got a reply from one. It is nice to feel like you have some sort of inside scoop on your favourite: band, TV show, whatever. It just feels good.
With Facebook I have had the chance to connect with old friends from my school and joined a couple of interesting groups that relate to some of my interests. For example: there is a group on Facebook that is focused on NOAA Weather Radio and Weatheradio Canada. When I found it I jumped at the chance to join.
With Twitter, there are no groups that I know of but you can find people similar to who you want to follow, with the Twitter App for the iPhone. For some reason I have people who are similar to me. How the hell did that happen?
Anyway, those are some of my thoughts on how social networking has made my life richer.


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