Hi all. Since it is Sunday, I have decided to make my posts on this day, all about The Simpsons for a number of reasons. They are on Sunday evenings normally anyway, I also like the alliteration of Simpsons and Sunday, plus the show has done so much, why not explore it on this day? Of course I am also a fan of the show and I can’t just leave them out of my blog. They have so much to talk about that can make a blog go on forever.
Today I’m going to try and talk about the music. As all of us Simpsons fans are fully aware, the show has had many songs played and sang throughout its run so far. They have also released 3 soundtrack cd’s and 2 original ones.
If I had to pick and choose my favourite song that appeared either on the show or on one of the cd’s, it would be a real tough choice to make it just 1. There are so many that stand out on their own and represent a time in the show’s history and our lives.
Of course, you gotta love the theme song because it is an interesting piece of music. It starts in the key of c natural and goes to b and e eventually ends up in the key of C sharp. There are of course many variations on the theme song but my favourite has to be the original song, written by Danny Elfman because it is a major part of the show’s existence, along with everything else. If that was removed it wouldn’t feel right. It would feel like a lim was missing or something if it was taken out and I don’t think anyone who writes for the show has any intention of removing the piece.
There are many many other songs and pieces of music that are played throughout the show and I will continue this discussion next week. In the mean time, enjoy this weeks episode. It looks to be an interesting one.


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