Hi all. It’s Monday and well, I’ve stated my feelings on this day of the week before. Let’s not go there again. Okay?

Today my post is on batteries. It sounds like a silly toppic but it isn’t really because we rely on electrical power of many kinds, including batteries for our smartphones, tablets, iPods, iPads and other gadgets we may own.

In my case I have some rather strange devices which require them. They include some handheld radios, a weather alert radio, a diskman and of course, my iPhone.

As far as the traditional cells go, there is a company who makes very good cels of all sizes called Maha Powerex. They are sold at specialty stores that cell scannners and ham radios.

The unique thing about these batteries is that they come with their own transportable plastic case with the pack. This is great for storage and it helps to keep everything organized.

If you would like to find out more you can go to http://www.mahaenergy.com and you will find many links to their products.

I like them because they last long and you can charge the rechargeable cels for about 1000 times, before they need to be either replaced or rescued. That is another toppic for another day.


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