Hi all. I have a question to ask you. Don’t you sometimes wish you were a kid again? I don’t mean like in your 20’s but at the age, where things were new and fun. You know, before you were 12 or 13 and the hormones kicked in and nobody said that you were too old or too big to play on those.
Now that I’ve turned 40 I think about it a lot. Of course watching The Simpsons kinda reminds me of those days too.
My favourite time during the day in school was when we were allowed to go outside and play. I miss: going on the swings, going up and down the slides, writing piggyback, and of course, climbing the monkey bars. I guess I could still do that now as an adult but it wouldn’t look so good, even though I really haven’t grow’n much since I was about 9.
Another thing I liked was riding a three wheeler. I never was able to ride a bike because I was so light and it kept falling over.
The only thing I really didn’t like was the games we would play in summer camp. Duck Duck Goose is one of the ones that stand out as a game I kinda liked. It made you think “oh, pick me, pick me.” Or, it made you think “oh no, don’t pick me yet.”
I never liked Musical Chairs for obvious reasons. I hardly got the chair but when I did it was sweet.
I guess that video games are the only form of child games we can play as adults. The only difference is that the outcome is much more sinister and it is usually very hard to win. I can’t because I can’t see what is going on and the sounds can only help so much.
Those are just some of my thoughts on wanting to go back and be a kid again.


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