Hi all. It’s a cold Tuesday in Toronto and I am not looking forward to the next few months. Yes, my name is Gord and I think winter sucks.
I don’t like having to add layers of clothing before going outside. I would much prefer wearing the shorts and T-shirt combo, rather than a winter jacket and boots with gloves. I actually started wearing t-shirt”s all year round while inside anyway, just because it happened that way.
The other bother is the snow. It may look nice but if you are blind or disabled in any way, it is less than pleasant to be in. I never enjoyed: sliding, slipping, falling or anything on snow or ice as a kid.
On the other hand, the only pleasure I get is to have my weather radio go off with a warning about severe winter weather in my area. Yes, I hate it but I laugh at those who are crazy enough to go outside and chance not getting hurt or killed during a winter storm, with snow, ice and or winds causing a hazard to either walking or driving. I don’t like it when people die but I don’t think you should be forgiven for taking a chance on your life, if bad weather is forecasted to hit your local area. I am the same way with summer severe weather too. I like thunderstorms but I don’t go outside when they are occurring because of the dangers involved. I’ll get into that in another post during Weather Wednesday.
Anyway, if you have to go out today and bad weather is in your area, be very careful of the snow and ice under your wheels or your feet.


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