Simpsons Sunday : The Weather 

Hi folks. It’s Simpsons Sunday and since it is winter, I thought I would talk about the show’s take on weather.
Weather is a nearly universal subject among humans. It is talked about in many ways and this includes satire. The Simpsons is no stranger to doing episodes on weather events in Springfield. These have included: a hurricane named Barbara in the episode “Hurricane Neddy” , blizzards in the episodes “Bart Gets An F” , “Mr. Plow” and “Skinner’s Sense Of Snow” , an avalanche in the episodes “Mr. Plow” , “Mountain Of Madness” and “The Simpsons Movie” (2007) and a tornado in the episode “Changing Of The Guardian” . There are of course many places to find out about the episodes that have been aired on the internet and even the scripts are available.
The Simpsons have been picked up for a 26th season. Who knows what may happen. Another weather event maybe? Maybe? It could happen some time. I’m sure there are many story lines that have been pitched. Maybe just maybe another snow or wind event or two to give Bart another snow day.


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