Simpsons Sunday – My 10 Favourite Episodes

Hi all. It’s another Simpsons Sunday and today I would like to talk about my favourite episodes. There are many posts on Facebook and all over the internet with their top 10 episodes and such. Well, I am here to give you my 10 favourite episodes.
10. Bart The General is a good one because is shows that if you are bullied you can fight back and Bart does that against Nelson. Of course later on in the series they become friends.
9. Duffless is another one that stands out for me because it has Homer singing “It Was A Very Good Beer” in reference to “It Was A Very Good Year.” I also thought it was funny when Lisa pits Bart against a hamster to see who is more intelligent. This is after Bart ruins her tomato.
8. Krusty Gets Busted is good because it shows how Sideshow Bob became Bart’s enemy. We also see Lisa and her true intelligence coming out on the show in this episode.
7. Bart Cells His Soul is good because we see Bart playing one of his practical jokes, this time in church. This results in him celling his soul to Milhouse. This also results in him not feeling anything after a while. Of course, he gets it back, thanks to Lisa.
6. The Boy Who Knew Too Much is one of my favourites because of the mispronunciation of the word chowder being one of the main parts of the plot. It is so silly and well, Homer as a part of the jury is just the best. Of course, Bart skipping school in this episode is kinda funny and the flash-forward to the future leaves me in stitches.
5. Homer’s Barbershop Quartette is among my favourite episodes because it involves something I did in high school and I remember singing like that with 3 other guys. All though we mever had any international fame or met any of the Beatles we did have a great time. As for the episode, I like all the references to The Beatles in it and of course, George Harison guest starred. How cool is that?
4. Bart Gets An F is another episode I like because my grades weren’t the best in school either. It also shows that you can make Bart cry and Mrs. Krabappel does actually show some care for him when she tries to comfort him when he breaks down in tears after failing at the end of the episode. All though, she does pass him after he gave an obscure reference. Does that happen in reality?
3. Like Father Like Clown is another favourite of mine. I don’t know why but I like it when characters show their vulnerable side and cry on the show. We hear Krusty do just that, when he comes to see Bart and after saying grace he breaks down because of his estrangement from his Dad. Thankfully Bart and Lisa manage to bring them together after many unsuccessful tries at the end of the show and they are together in studio at the end of the episode singing together. That is a touching moment for sure.
2. Camp Krusty is another good one from the early days. Imagine anticipating going to summer camp and finding out that it isn’t all its cracked up to be? Well, all the kids going to Camp Krusty found that out the hard way in this episode, when Krusty didn’t show up until all the kids took over the camp. This was of course after they were made to make wallets and were fead gruel. The final straw was when Barney was made to look like Krusty and said “of course I’m Crunchy The Clown” and belches. That gives Bart the incentive to lead the take over. Of course, Krusty finds out and shows up. He tells Bart everything and takes all the kids “South Of The Border.”
1. Lisa’s First Word is probably the favourite episode because it has all the positive elements of the show that I like. Of course it is a flashback to when Bart was young and Lisa was being born. I also think it was funny when Lisa’s actual first word was Bart. Bart said he was leaving and Lisa said it and he warmed to her after trying to get rid of her. Of course at the end Maggie says “Daddy” which I thought was rather sweet. Oh yeah, Krusty also appears in this episode with Itchie and Scratchy too.
Another of my favourite moments is when Bart calls Homer by his name and Homer tells him “call me Daddy.” Bart of course doesn’t and at the end of this dialog Bart says “Da Da Da” Homer says “yes?” Bart says “Domer” and homer goes into a rage strangling Bart. I don’t like that kind of violence in real life but it is funny to hear it in the show.
Well, those are my 10 favourites and it goes against all lists but this is based on dialog and plot for me, not just on visual gags and things like that.


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