The 2013 Ice Storm

Hi all. I hope your holidays went well, including your Christmas and New Years. I had a pretty good one myself, as I had no real problems.
At the end of 2013 there was an ice storm that affected Southern Ontario, especially Toronto and the rest of the GTA. Most people lost power but I didn’t. However, I didn’t have any hot water for a few days and I was constently worried that I would loose power because of the possibility of trees and branches falling on power lines, dew to the weight of the ice.
I actually knew about it from my Weather Radio, when it was tuned to the transmitter in Buffalo New York. It said something about a significant storm system affecting us on the weekend. Sure enough, it happened on that Saturday.
I also receive the weather alerts from Environment Canada and tweets from Ontario Warnings and there were plenty of weather alerts and tweets to go around during the storm.
I mention it now because it is now over and there has been time to reflect on it by those of us who were greatly affected by it. I felt sorry for those who lost power and had to go to a warming centre to get out of their cold homes. As I said, I was lucky not to loose my hydro but others did.
I hope we don’t have anything like this for a long time. I got sick of hearing about how many people had no power in their homes and about all the tree branches coming down. Hopefully we can get it all cleaned up before the next ice storm, when ever that is.


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