The Pros And Cons Of Apartment Life

Hi readers. I don’t mean to get personal but I have a question for you. How is your living situation? Do you live in a house or a condo? Do you live in an apartment? Unfortunately that is where I have ended up.
I had dreams of living in a house with an upstairs second floor and a basement for a private den. I guess apartment life is the best thing I can do. There are 2 sides to it that I am going to lay out for you, in my own experience. Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. Shall we?
To begin with, you ar surrounded by people who may or may not be all there. Some have mental illnesses or may be aging. Maybe they just hang out by their self and just don’t want to talk to you. I generally keep to myself but if I need something nobody is there if you need them or they don’t understand what you need from them.
Also, if you have received a complaint from a neighbour below or above you it doesn’t get filtered to you until it is convenient for the folks at the front office to do so. This is a stupid practice and your neighbour should feel confident enough to go to you about a particular problem. That didn’t happen to me with a situation I was involved in with a neighbour below me. This can put stress on my life and if it goes on long enough it could cause something bad to happen.
On the good side, you have nobody to answer to as far as getting up and going to bed. You basically have free rain to do what you want. The only thing is that there are supposed to be the yearly inspections but it hasn’t happened every year since I moved in here in 2000.
The other thing is that I can come and go as I please and nobody says a thing, unless it is building management and they need me for something. That is fully understandable.
Well, those are some of my feelings on apartment life. Maybe some day I can find a good woman who I can live with…. hopefully in a house. That is my dream goal for my life. Will it ever happen to me? It’s impossible to say, but I can always dream.


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