Welcome To The 21st Century Gordie

Hello readers. I am now officially in the 21st century. Well, I always have been physically but not technologically.
Ever since the internet came to be known I had always wanted to be a part of it but didn’t have the time or my own computer, with JAWS or Job Access With Speech. This is a screen reader those of us who are blind use to do everything on a computer, whether it is a destop or a laptop.
In my case I didn’t want one because of the space they can take up and how much they really cost. Blind people in Canada get a computer using the Assisted Device Program but I didn’t have the time or patience to go through with it that way. This was back in 2000.
Fast forward to 2009, I get my own gmail account and I go to the CNIB (Canadian National Institute For The Blind) and use their computers to serf the web. This was untill May 2010, when their computer room was closed to the public.
In 2011 I had my first talking Cel Phone and it also would say each key I would press. So, I now have a way to text. I also realized that I could get a data plan to go on the internet and send and receive emails. I did that and it was great and I became a quick texter with the keypad.
Unfortunately I had to change phones again because I suddenly wasn’t able to open pdf’s after June 2012. That is when I bought my iPhone 4S and I love it. Oh, I also bought myself a Blue Tooth keyboard to navigate the device and it works wonders for me. For example: with this blog I compose it in the note pad and copy and paste to it and there you have it.
Another thing I should mention about the iPhone, the screen reading voice is not a robotic type voice for the iPhone. If you have ever used Siri it is either similar or the same, depending on when you used it. The US english voice for the Voiceover screen reader is the same voice as the original Siri and the other voices in other languages and dialects sound just as human.
Oh, one more thing I should mention, to those reading who are not blind or visually impaired, this screen reader for the iPhone is available on all phones from the 3G and up. If you would like to check it out: go to settings, click on General, click on accessibility then Voiceover. From here you would have to double-tap the icon you want or 2 finger tap it. You can do this by putting one finger on the icon and tap another part of the screen with the other. You will also have to swipe with your fingers to go through some menus and while reading. If you would like the phone to read a blog post just use two fingers to swipe to the top of the screen or close to it. This will allow the device to read all the menu options and entire email chains. There are other gestures you can use but I will leave that for later. I will just use my keyboard, thank you very much.
Another thing I have been doing recently is going on both the App Store and the iTunes Store. I had to go on iTunes to get the Twitter and the WordPress app’s anyway. I just bought my first songs and ringtones yesterday and I am enjoying listening to music on the iPhone and hearing other ringtones besides the ones provided.
Welll, all I need to say now is “woohoo” to myself for getting into the 21st century.


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