Simpsons Sunday – The Fan Websites

Hello friends. It is another Simpsons Sunday and I hope you didn’t steel last weeks episode. I thought it was really cool that Rob Halford of Judas Priest was one of the guest stars. I have been a fan of his work for a long time and I’m glad he did this. I don’t care if any fans boo him, it was cool.
This week I would like to talk about the fans of the show and the fan sites on the internet. There are a whole bunch of them and I like the Wiki sites because they are the most helpful to a blind fan like myself.
Simpsonswiki is great because there are articles on everything in the show, as well as Wikisimpsons. They are under separate names but to me they are one in the same with the same basic information on everything, layed out. go to or to connect with those websites. By the way, Wikisimpsons is on both Facebook and Twitter and that is how I first found out about Marcia Wallace, who voiced Edna Krabappel passing away last October.
For a complete list of all the fan sites and other fan related material go to and you will be adicted to the various sites which I haven’t listed here.
As a fan of the show, I actually go deep into the inner-workings of it because I am curious how things operate and this curiosity has been with me all my life. Of course, Wikipedia plays a big part but the fan sites also help a lot.
Before I end this post I would like to say a belated happy birthday to Simpsons show runner Al Jean, who turned 53 on Thursday. Keep up the great work Al, from all of us Simpsons fans.


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