Shopping And Ham Radio

Hello readers. As I write this post I am going shopping for stuff. The process of shopping is not too hard for me because any people who work at any store are trained to help blind or visually impaired people do their shopping. The thing is that you need to know exactly what you want.
This is true, especially when you are buying any electronic device, such as a radio. Ham Radio operators know exactly what model of unit they have because they not only buy them but cell them at flee markets. They also look for certain features that will allow them to talk on certain bands, which will allow them to talk to people who are also licensed Ham’s in other parts of the world. It is called working a station and a station refers to a licensed Ham with a valid call sign.
I know this because I am one with the call VA3WXA. I could get into how call signs are assigned but I won’t. In stead I will tell you to check out the hobby of Ham Radio and maybe you can get your ticket and maybe we can talk on the air.


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