It’s Another Saturday

My friends, I should be honest in saying that I like to laze around on Saturday’s and do nothing. I guess you could call me another Homer Simpson or another Fred Flintstone but I don’t look anything like them. Anyway, today’s post is about Saturday and why we either go play or stay inside and sleep.

I guess for me, it depends on how much I have to bum around with and the weather plays a factor in this too. In the summer, I like to get out and travel on the bus. I have even gone on a few boat cruises and did a Ham Radio Net on Saturday evenings at one time.

The other thing is that the Hockey game is on in the evenings and I try to listen to it on the radio when I can.

Well, it’s not much but that is all I have for today’s post. Talk to you tomorrow on another Simpsons Sunday.


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