Simpsons Sunday – Discovering The Musical Side Of Dan Castellaneta

Well, it’s another Simpsons Sunday and another episode is upon us. Last week we saw Comic Book Guy get married and this week we will see what happens from there, if anything does.
This weeks post is about me again. Actually, it’s about my discovery of Dan Castellaneta’s 2 solo albums on iTunes. The one that stands out for me is his second outing entitled I Am Not Homer, which ironically has a song sung by Homer called So Dumb. The rest of it is taken up with comedy sketches by him and his wife.
If you ask me, they really are good together and they are both funny on their own as well. The other thing I like is that you get to hear Dan’s real speaking voice on some of the sketches. We all know him as the voice of: Homer, Krusty The Clown and others on The Simpsons, but we don’t get to hear his normal speaking voice that often. Unless, you go on Youtube and look for an interview with him and he sounds like a great guy too.
His other album Two Lips is actually a rock album, in the style of The Beatles. I liked them as a kid and I still do, even though they are not putting anything out new anymore.
Dan has also sang on The Simpsons and he has written a few episodes with his wife too. One of them is Gump Roast, which is actually a clip show and he sings a song called They’ll Never Stop The Simpsons. It is in the style of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire and appears on The Simpsons Testify album.
Well, that is all for now. I hope this weeks episode is just as interesting.


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