Simpsons Sunday : References And Parities

Hi all. Well, it’s another Simpsons Sunday. There was no new episode last week but I think there will be one this week.
We all know how much the show has touched our lives, whether we know it or not. But, how much has it touched your parents lives, unknowingly or not? What I am really getting at is the references in many episodes to pop culture and many: names, words and phrases dropped to add, well, something.
Here are 10 references I can think of that have been a part of my life. Most of these are also musical references and out right parodies.
10. Amos And Andy, which was referenced in a 1950’s commercial for Duff Beer in the episode Duffless in Season 4. My Dad brought home some tapes of Amos And Andy when I was about 7 or 8 and I liked what I heard in both the humour and the writing.
9. Death Metal, which was mentioned in the episode Steel This Episode. This was when Rob Halford of Jutas Priest guest starred, among others. The band was mistakingly refered to as a Death Metal band but not mentioned by name. It doesn’t really bother me because some people at a certain age refer to any music that has loud guitars as Heavy Metal, whether it is or not. For the record, The Simpsons producers apologized to Jutas Priest for this. I hope they forgave them. I have read that the fans were not so forgiving. My response to all my fellow Judas Priest fans is, just chill. It’s a cartoon folks. Besides, when you get to a certain age, your musical distinction starts to blur, somewhat. I’m lucky I haven’t reached it yet, but at 40 I am close.
8. The Flintstones were referenced in the show a few times. The most notable one for me was when Homer sang a parody of Meet The Flintstones in the episode Marge VS The Monorail.
7. The theme song of All In The Family was parodied in the episode Lisa’s Sax when Homer and Marge were singing a song about the old day’s back in the 70’s to the tune of it’s theme song.
6. Miami Vice was given the Simpsons treatment in the Simpsons Spinoff episode, with Chief Wiggum and Principal Skinner in their own TV series. The theme is similar to the Miami Vice theme song.
5. No 1 is referenced in the episode Homer The Great, when Homer is chosen by the leader of the Stone Cutters to be the new No 1 because of the birth-mark he sports. The No 1 is voiced by Patrick Stewart, who was Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Track: The Next Generation. “Make it so, No 1” was one of his most notable catch phrases in the show, besides his opening dialog as the theme plays. He also used it when he appeared on Sesame Street with The Count.
In the episode, The Stone Cutters is a reference to Freemasonry and could be a satirical poke at the Illuminati. If you know the song sung in the show and you listen to conspiracy radio shows such as, Alex Jones and A View From Space, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
4. The media in general is satirized on the show, with character’s such as Kent Brockman and KBBL Broadcastings own Bill And Marty in the morning. This is obviously a satirical reference and poke, at how the media is in all aspects, from the 6:00 news to morning radio. That is one of the reasons why I love the show. I have friends who work in radio and I know what they are like both on the air and off air. They are only doing their jobs, folks. That’s all I can tell you, besides that they are just like you and me, but with a cooler job. However, it isn’t as easy as it looks. I will get into that another day.
3. Krusty The Clown himself is kind of a reference to the old time comedians who want everything just right and are completely different people out of character. This is show’n in the key episodes he appear’s in.
2. The Beatles are referenced a few times and all 3 surviving members have appeared on the show. Ringo Starr on Brush With Greatness, George Harison on Homer’s Barbershop Quartette and Paul McCartney on Lisa The Vegetarian. Even Apu tried singing Sgt Pepper on the show.
1. The episode Lisa’s First Word is full of references to the 1984 Summer Olympics. Even Dan Castellaneta does a very good impression of legendary American sports caster Howard Cosell, when Homer is watching boxing on TV.
That is of course, just touching the tip of the iceberg and if you want to know more, use the internet. There are so many references and parities I could have mentioned but it would take up a lot of space and time consumption.


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