The Season Of Sick

Well, it’s that time of year, when the snow piles high and we are shivering in the cold. Our throats are dry for a hot chocolate and we get sick.

This post is about one such time when I got really sick back on Christmas 2011. I wrote about it in a newsletter 2 years ago and I decided to redo it here.

Back on December 22nd of 2011 the day was like any other day. I was fine and I had gone to do some Christmas shopping for myself. I had bought a new Uniden Scanning radio that I had my eye and ear on for 3 years. If I had bought it before August 31st 2011 I would have been able to listen to some TV channels on it.

That evening I had taken a nap and woke with a pain in my throat and it was hard to speak. Plus, I had to do something on a Ham Radio net I checked into at the time. I was up all night trying to send in a report to Environment Canada on an older Cel Phone and I was beginning to feel worse.

The next day, I had tried sleeping but I couldn’t because I started coughing and my ears started to hear low sounds out of tune. That was a sure sign that I was sick. Oh, and my voice was deepened by this ailment too. I couldn’t talk loud without my voice going horse.

To make a long story short I couldn’t sleep for 5 days and I finally went into ER and I either had strep throat or pneumonia, depending on what doctor gave me his opinion. Either way, I was put on antibiotics and Tylenol 3. There was one day when I was coughing so much that I thought I was going to die. Thankfully I had just fallen asleep and woke up sweating. The latter was the case untill I was rid of this ailment.

It eventually worked and what ever it was, was out of my system by mid January. I have never been as sick as that ever since and I hope it doesn’t happen again to me or anyone else.


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