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My Views On Meeting Celebrities…. Revisited

Hi folks. Well, this is another revisited post with a twist. In an earlier post I told some stories about meeting some famous people, in the form of rock bands. I have some more stories for you and a recommendation at the end.
The first story is a pick up from where the last post left off, in that I met the opening band for Stone Sour the same day I met Corey Taylor. The band Chevelle was touring with them at the time and I knew of their music because of a song on a compilation I had wu’n from a radio station a few months earlier. I also knew of an earlier CD they put out because I remembered a riff that sounded cool and the vocals reminded me of Tool. I was into them at the time and I still am.
Fast forward to December 2002 at the radio station and I get to meet Pete and Joe from Chevelle. Pete is the singer and Joe is the bass player. They both were really cool and we talked a bit about music, mostly about how Pete’s voice kindof sounds like Mainard from Tool. It didn’t seem to bother him and they did the interview and went to get ready to open for Stone Sour.
Fast forward to September 2004, I met the same 2 guys from Chevelle again and they both remembered me. I didn’t think it at the time but I later thought “wow! they remember me? Me, of all people.”
This was at a time in the bands life when Joe was about to be replaced by someone else and I had no idea because of a lack of access to the internet. I had no idea that Joe was leaving untill I found out 5 years later, while looking them up on Wikipedia.
My second story is about accidentally meeting David Hasselhoff while shopping at a record store in Toronto in May 2000. He was behind the counter and the lady who was taking me around pointed him out to me and I must be honest in saying that I knew of him but never watched him or his TV shows. He seemed pretty cool and I bought what I wanted that day. Oh, the lady who was taking me around worked at the store. I had become almost a regular customer for quite a while from April 2000 until some time in late 2002. I have returned there, when Sam The Record Man closed down.
Those are my stories. Now, I should recommend to anyone who is a fan of The Simpsons, and especially Lisa Simpson, to check out Yeardley Smith’s blog on Tumbler. Yes, she is the voice of Lisa and also a great singer too. Here is a link to her latest post.
I am obviously a fan of the show and Lisa happens to be one of my favourite character’s along side the rest of the main Simpsons family.Thanks Yeardley for giving us, the fans, a peak into your life as a celebrity.


Hockey, Iron Mike And Jesse Modz

Hello my friends. This is a two part post. One is about my favourite radio station and the other is about my favourite sport and team.
Now that the Olympics are over, we can get back to watching hockey again. Yes, I am a fan and I support The Toronto Maple Leafs, despite them not having wu’n a Stanley Cup since 1967, before I was even a twinkle in my Mother’s eye. In fact my youngest sister wasn’t even a year old yet when they did it. They have done okay so far but can they make it into the play offs this year? Will they get bounced in the first round again? Time will tell. As for our Canadian hockey team, I am obviously very proud of them for giving us the gold in both the men’s and women’s hockey. Woohoo!
The second half of this post is about a new era in rock radio in Southern Ontario. My favourite radio station is 97.7 HTZFM. The listeners and on air personalities have gone through the loss of a great guy in the afternoons on November 7th 2013. Iron Mike Bensson passed away of esophageal cancer and it was obviously an emotional day for everyone on the radio, on Facebook and on Twitter. I personally had 2 or 3 retweets and I gained a few new followers too.
There was a tribute to him on the radio on November 15th and it was a lot of fun to hear voices I hadn’t heard for a while or ever. Mike is surely missed.
Fast forward to the present! His replacement is Jesse Modz, who has been on the radio for a few years and his last gig was at FM96 in Kingston Ontario. I have a connection to the radio station in London with the same brand but a different call sign. When I went to W. Ross McDonald School I would listen to it when I couldn’t get any of the stations in Toronto that I liked.
He seems like a good guy and he’s from the GTA and that’s cool with me. Welcome to The White House Of Rock Jesse. Your in great hands and the listeners will love you for sure. I like that he is a fan of Family Guy, even though I am an unabashed Simpsons fan. Anyway, that’s another post for another day.

Thunderstorms in winter?

Hello and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. This weeks post is about a weather factor in winter that is seen as odd. If you hear thunder and see lightning in the winter months, would you think that it is very odd? With the weather the way it is these days, anything is possible and thunderstorms are not out of the question.
A normal thunderstorm is normally associated with warmer weather and what comes from the sky is in the form of either: rain or hail. There is such a thing as thundersnow and freezing rain and sleet can also fall with thunder and lightning.
One event in particular happened in January 1989, when thunderstorms rolled through Southern Ontario, with rain and freezing rain falling.
In the case of the freezing rain, it was accompanied by thunder and lightning but there wasn’t any mention of a chance of a thunderstorm in the forecast. This I find is rather odd because of it being mentioned in warning statements issued when a warning was put out by the weather office.
There was aalso a very rare severe thunderstorm watch issued for parts of Southwestern Ontario and the surrounding Great Lakes. However, it was short lived but the sharp cold front that drove out the mild air that was present throughout the day slammed into Ontario, bringing winter-like temperatures back from the above freezing temps.
If you would like more information on what happened just email me at and I will give you the whole story..

Simpsons Sunday – What Might Have Been If ….

Hello and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week I am going to try and attempt to predict what might of happened if certain star’s were still alive at the time the show went on air. There are many many people who have guested on the show, either as a character or as themselves and there are others who would have probably guested if they had been around in 1989. Keep in mind that this is only my own speculation and not what would have really happened. It’s impossible to predict but it’s easier to speculate, if you know both the series and the star’s work over the years of his or her life.
I have 2 examples of this and I will come back to this topic from time to time and as others pop into my head I will put them here.
My first example is Jack Benny, who had his own radio and TV show and even had current Simpsons voice actor Harry Shearer on his show when he was 7. My second example is Mell Blanc, who also took Harry Shearer under his wing at the same time, as he was a part of Jack’s cast.
Would Jack or Mell guest on The Simpsons if they had been alive at the time? Probably yes, as one of Krusty’s celebrity friends trying to help Bart bring him out of retirement, again.
Mell could have also as easily done the voice of Gabbo too, using one of his many voices. Jack could also have been on the show, voicing a character, put together just for him in his on air persona. Hay, Bob Hope did it, why not Jack? Maybe even some of his other fellow cast members of his show would have been willing to guest on The Simpsons, if the right character roll or they were willing to poke fun at themselves. Really, who knows what would have happened.
Well, that’s it for this Sunday. I’ll be back next week with something else for my fellow Simpsons fans.

Weather Wednesday – A Message From A Wise Man

Hello and welcome to another post on this Weather Wednesday. This week I have something a little different. It is from my newsletter but it is from someone whom you may know from either television or on radio, when weather is a top news story.
Hello. I read with great interest your latest WeatherRadio Listeners Newsletter. WOW! What a network of weather keeners and a great service you provide linking weather radio interests. I learned a great deal about the program and look forward to perusing future issues. One suggestion is to do a feature on Randy Mawson, the father of CANWARN, who has retired in March. He is a passionate weather guy who has contributed greatly to the service of meteorology in Canada. 
Weather volunteerism is dear to my heart. That there are more weather volunteers in Canada than paid employees in the weather service is a remarkable fact and a credit to those who turn their fascination with weather into life-preserving services to all Canadians. Everything I’ve done in producing weather calendars, publishing books and speaking publicly is done to recognize the tireless and invaluable services weather volunteers like yourself provide to Canada and Canadians. They are my Canadian heroes.
Warmest regards and continued success with the Newsletter.
David Phillips
Senior Climatologist for Environment Canada
I sent David the email without thinking I would get a reply. Obviously I did and well, you can imagine how good it made me feel. I have heard him many times when I would watch The Weather Network at my parents place, before I moved out. I also hear him on the radio, when the weather is one of the main stories in the news and also when he is promoting one of his books or weather calendars.
He is honestly one of the most knowledgeable weather people in North America, along with Jim Cantore, who is the main weather guy on The Weather Channel in the US. Hopefully he has good news for us about this winters end.
Welll, that’s it for todays post.

The Secret Other Way Of Downloading Voices For The iPhone

Hello and here is another post about Siri and voices for the iPhone. If you use the iPhone or the iPad you probably know about Siri. It is an invaluable tool for handsfree operation while driving, for taking notes and other things.
I had the iPhone 4S and now I have the iPhone 5c. They both have Siri as one of their features. I use it a lot for various reasons. Mostly making phone calls and taking notes are my top two reasons for using it.
I also use the screen reading option called Voiceover, which is much like Jaws for computers but without the robotic voice and with all human voices instead.
If you have used Voiceover on the iPhone 3 and up it is the same voice who was used for Siri, whom we now know is Suzan Bennet for the American voice and Karen Jacobson for the Austrailian voice. John Brigs is still the British voice for it too.
There are a couple of ways to download enhanced voices to your iPhone and probably the iPad as well. I can only speak for the iPhone!
To download them in the normal way, go to Settings, General, Accessibility and Voiceover. Then go to Languages And Dialects.From there you can find the voice and language you would like to add. Tap More Info for that language when it is added and tap Enhanced Voice. The downloading will start if you are connected to a Wifi network.
The other way is to go to Speak Selection and tap Voices and look for your language and dialect you would like to add. The procedure for downloading is the same as above but you can monitor your progress from here easier.
I downloaded 3 or 4 voices this way and it made a world of difference in how convenient it was to know how much progress I was making in the downloading process with the iPhone.
These are just my views on how to use Voiceover and Siri. You may have your own. Please use them wisely. By the way, this blog post was composed entirely using Siri.
“I’m sorry. I did not understand that. Could you repeat that?”

Simpsons Sunday – Happy Birthday

Hello and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week I will talk about the episode “Homer And Apu” and there is a birthday to be celebrated in the Simpsons.
I have never really thought of the episode Homer And Apu as one of my top 10 but it is very close as it is now one of my favourites after downloading it to my iPhone from iTunes last week. We see Homer go to the Kwik-E-Mart and foolishly eat meet that has gone bad and get really sick. He does the same with 10 pounds of shrimp after Apu apologizes to him, the first time. Then, of course Apu is fired after he is caught planning to cell filthy hot dogs and he is forced to turn in his pricing gun and everything else he needs to do his job.
He realizes that Homer is the one who got him fired and comes to try to make amends. The family eventually grow to love him and then they sing the classic song “Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart?” before we see Apu on the roof sobbing that he misses working at his beloved job.Just after this seen we find that actor James Woods replaces Apu at the Kwick-E-Mart in this episode.
Apu and Homer go to India to try to get Apu’s job back but it is a bust when Homer asks all 3 questions and this enrages Apu. Suddenly Apu realizes that he must go down to Kwick-E-Mart and face the music. He sees James Woods and tells him about working 96 hours strait and thinking he was a humming bird. Then a robber breaks in an tries to shoot Mr. Woods but gets Apu in the chest in stead.
Apu goes to the hospital and Dr. Hibburt removes the bullet from the still alive Apu. James Woods also lets him know that he has his job back. Apu is delighted and Homer and the Simpsons family all hug him, twice before the episode ends.
Okay, now that we have this out of the way, it is time to reveal the birthday boy for this week. It is none other than Matt Groening, who started it all back in 1985 outside of James L. Brooks’s office. He also created the show Futurama in 1999, which has unfortunately not been as successful as The Simpsons. Here is the link to his Simpsonswiki article.
Here also is the Wikisimpsons page on him.
Wikisimpsons is also on Facebook and Twitter and that is how I got it.
As for this blog’s history, this is the 51st post and I hope to reach 100 by either spring or my birthday in June. What ever comes first. Woohoo.