Simpsons Sunday – My Favourite Characters

Hello and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. Well, another episode is in the books and it was another Valentines Day episode. Did Bart give Nelson a valentine card? Well, there are ways to find out, which I have mentioned here in past posts.
This week I would like to give you a list of my favourite Characters and why I like them. I will exclude all of the main Simpsons family because I like everyone of them anyway. I will also exclude characters voiced by guest stars, except for those who appeared in important rolls in the show, (i-e) teacher, student, etc.
Krusty The Clown is one of my favourites because of the voice and his laugh. I also think it is cool that we get to see the emotional side to him sometimes. For example: when he recalls his Father while visiting The Simpsons and both Bart and Lisa help to repair the relationship. Check out the episode “Like Father Like Clown” to see how it all plays out.
Wralph Wiggum is a favourite character of mine and a lot of people. He reminds me of how I was at school. In the show, he had a crush on Lisa and she rejected him, after she gave him a valentine out of pity and he took it to mean that she liked him. I had a similar crush on someone in high school and I was rejected too. However, there was no valentines card involved.
He also reminds meof some of the people whom I lived with when I was at the CNIB in Hamilton. But, I don’t think anyone said anything like “my cats breath smells like cat food.” I also never had any inclination to burn down a building because of an Imaginary character that only he could see or hear, telling him to do that. On the other hand, I never ate paste or anything that is not meant to be eaten.
Nelson Muntz is another character I like because underneath his bully persona he is a good guy. I actually feel sorry for him because of the absence of his Father for years. Thankfully Bart was able to find him and reunite the two, in the episode “Sleeping With The Enemy.”
He also sticks up for Lisa when she is being teased about her but and they were an item in the episode “Lisa’s Date With Density.” He treated her with respect and tried to change for her. However, he couldn’t shake off his bad-boy tendencies, so she broke it off.
Another thing I like is his laugh. It is kinda generic for a kid who is laughing at another kid who is in trouble but I like it.
Mrs. Krabappel is another character that I have a fondness for. This is despite that she smokes heavily and is uncaring towards her students. However she show’s a side where she comforts Bart after making an honest effort to pass the fourth grade exam and gives him an extra point, just because he pointed out an obscure reference, while crying.
Mr. Burns is another favourite of mine and a lot of other people. I like him because of the voice and how it is used for comedic purposes. Yes, he is evil and he is a miser but he is quite funny too.
Moe is also great because he is also one of Homer’s best friends and a funny character too. I like his reactions to Bart prank calling him at Moes Tavern because the lines he says are just a riot.
Sideshow Bob is another character who deserves a mention because of his roll in the show. He may be Bart’s enemy but he also has helped both Bart and Lisa on occasions too. I just hope he doesn’t actually kill anyone on the show.
Mr. Bergstrom is another character I like on the show. Yes, he was a one time character but he makes me wish that he was my teacher back when I went to school. His methods of inspiring kids to do more would have been a great help for me back then. I feel sorry for Lisa when he had to leave near the end of the episode “Lisa’s Substitute.”
He also tried to convince Homer that he should be a good male roll model in Lisa’s life. Actually, it may have happened at the end of this episode. He cheers both Lisa and Bart up and gives Mggie her pacifier, before telling MargeI’m on the biggest roll of my life” then turning out the light.
Those are a few of my favourite characters. I should also mention: Milhouse, Barney, Dr. Hibburt, Kent Brockman, Apu and Chief Wiggum as other characters I have a fondness for in the show.
Well, it looks like there will be no new Simpsons episodes in February, but it will be back in March. Woohoo!


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