I Love And Hate Being Single

Todays post is about being single and my views on it. I have a love hate relationship with being without an other half.
On one hand it is great because I get to do what I want, when I want. Basically, I’m the king of the castle and I rule my one man world. On the other, it is kinda lonely without a companion to be with and bounce idea’s off of and be able to give love. I have had some bad luck with finding my mate. Going to a specialized school with people from other places besides your own home town isn’t conducive to forming a long term relationship. I have had some people who I liked but was afraid to tell them back then because I was and still am shy. I wish I had the balls to tell some people that I liked them that way, regardless if they said yes or no. The problem was that I may not be able to see them again unless one of us moved. Growing up blind can be a challenge not only on things like daly living and mobility but also forming a good healthy relationship with someone else who is special.
Maybe I will find my Marge some time when I don’t expect it. Who knows?


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