Weather Wednesday – True Stories of how anyone can help

Welcome to another Weather Wednesday. Here are 2 stories about how this rather unheard of service called Weather Radio has been both saved and used by myself for everyones benefit.

There was a system outage on Tuesday July 5th, 2011. My weather radios had alerted me at around 1:30 P.M! I hadn’t been listening since 10 A.M, so I wasn’t aware that there was a potential technical problem. When I heard the alarms, I immediately emailed the Dissemination specialist for Weatheradio Canada’s transmitters in Ontario), as well as the National Manager of Weatheradio Canada about the problem. Initially, I thought it was just a Toronto issue, but after I emailed them a note, I listened to a few other Canadian Weather Radio stations and noticed that they had also crashed.
My next step was to call the various ATADS (automated telephone answering device’s) to get weather information throughout the province. I listened for the hourly observations, and they all said “weather conditions at 10:00 A.M.” I sent them another email updating them on my further investigation, and after 3:00 P.M, the Weatheradio Canada system was fully restored all across the province. A week later, I received an unexpected email from Weatheradio Canada thanking me for my help.
Here is another story about how Weatheradio Canada saved my life.
On Tuesday August 11, 2009, I had ventured out and as I was approaching my destination it started to rain. I was walking around at the time; trying to find the site I was looking for, when my weather radio alerted me to a severe thunderstorm warning. Needless to say I was desperately trying to find some shelter; preferably at my final location. Luckily, somebody had helped me out. I mentioned to the person, that my weather radio had gone into alarm, but the individual was unfamiliar with what I was talking about. Besides, it would have taken me a long time to explain it properly to him. Needless to say, I made it there and back, safe and sound.

These are 2 examples of how anyone can be a help to others, including a Federal Goverment operated service like Weather Radio.


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