Simpsons Sunday – Characters And Voices I Miss

Hello and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. You may remember this from previous weeks, when I discussed the musical side of Dan Castellaneta and my favourite characters. This week I would like to talk about the voices who you don’t hear on the show, anymore for various reasons.

My first one is Troy McClure, who I made a rather blatant reference to in the intro to this post. He would always introduce himself in that way, starting with his catch fraise, “Hi, I’m Troy McClure.” Then he would mention two: movies, videos, etc he was a part of by saying “you may remember me from such …”

He was retired because of the death of Phil Hartman in 1998 and so was his other reoccurring character Lionel Hutz.

Edna Krabappel is someone I have discussed many times and I won’t go through why I like her again but I will say that it was nice that she was hooked up with Ned Flanders a couple of seasons ago and they were married.

Now that Marcia Wallace has passed away, she will be retired and it won’t be the same without Edna.

Maude Flanders is another character who has come back as a ghost but is a voice I will always think of when I think of Ned’s wife. She was killed off because Maggie Roswell left the show for 3 years. If you would like to know more about this, go on Wikipedia. She has returned but they didn’t bring Maude back, except as a ghost.

When I think of Doris the Lunch Lady at the school I think of Doris Grau, who has passed away in 1995. She was replaced by Tress MacNeille, who has done boice work for The Simpsons and other shows.

She is still one of the voices involved with The Simpsons and she does numerous other characters besides Lunchlady Doris, who was named after Doris Grau.

Another character that wasn’t actually on the show but in The Simpsons Movie, was Colin. He was a boy who moved to Springfield from Ireland, who shared Lisa’s strong environmental activism. They met while Lisa was trying to make the rest of Springfield aware of the pollution in Lake Springfield. He was voiced by Tress MacNeille and was a one time character, except for an appearance in the opening sequence for the episode He Loves To Fly And Hee D’ohs

Well, those are some of the voices from the past who appeared on The Simpsons. I know there are probably more and I know there are more. This was a list of the most memorable voices from the recent and long past on the show that stand out for me.

ps I just finished listening to Nancy Cartwright’s My Life As A 10-Year-Old Boy on iTunes and it has given me a new found love and respect for everyone on the show. I will be refering to parts of it in future posts.


2 thoughts on “Simpsons Sunday – Characters And Voices I Miss

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