Weather Wednesday – My Trip To Minden

Hello and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. This post is another one taken from my newsletter and is about a trip I went on, on behalf of it and people who are on the mailing list.
On October 26 2012, I had the chance to go to Minden to speak at the Minden Amateur Radio Club (MARC) meeting. It was being held at the Minden Legion for their weekly meeting. I met President Dorian Young and the rest of the club and they were all very gracious and it was a real pleasure.
I spoke about the idea of getting a Minden Weatheradio Canada transmitter for the purpose of emergency weather situations. The Minden Times was also present and I brought along Denis Paquette with me thanks to my IPhone. Denis is the current National Manager of Weatheradio Canada and has been since 2008.
Dorian pointed out at the meeting that “We’ve had two weather emergencies in the past few years, one being a massive snowstorm and a wind storm. With Minden hosting the Pan Am Games in 2015 it would be a wonderful addition to have a weather transmitter in our area. We are eager to make this happen.”
Currently, the closest transmitter is in Orillia, however, members of the club argued Halliburton County does not receive adequate or timely information from that tower. However, as Peter Staples pointed out to myself and those who checked into the Weather Radio Listeners Newsletter Net on October 6th, “We can temporarily put the Halliburton data on the Orillia site but because this signal originates in Collingwood, it is out of the general footprint we use. We are also looking into expanding into the Minden area with another transmitter. We will look into the Dorset Old Rangers station as a possibility.” While there used to be a transmitter in Algonquin Park it is no longer operational.
Denis told us the average amount of time it takes to get a transmitter is two years, after specifics such as scouting a location and installation are factored in. Russ Hemphill, of Halcom Communications, suggested a transmitter be put where a radio tower already is. The county has multiple radio towers, said Russ. Denis explained multiple site studies also had to be done before a transmitter could be constructed. Dorian said the club had collected a significant amount of information over the years and could provide that to Environment Canada. “We can get more specifics to you after the meeting,” said Dorian.
While plans to fix the Algonquin Park transmitter are in the works, according to Paquette, this wouldn’t help the situation in Minden, argued members of the club. “It doesn’t matter, Algonquin Park is in a hole and that won’t help us,” said Marlene Mestroni. Following the call members of the club an myself discussed continuing the conversation with Paquette and Environment Canada, looking into details further and discussing logistics. I gave Dorian all the appropriate contact information and him and the rest of the club put together a proposal for a new transmitter.
I would like to thank Marlene and Claudio Mestroni for taking care of me throughout my trip from Toronto to Bracebridge to Minden and back. I hope to be doing this again sometime down the road. I should also thank everyone else in the club for allowing me to speak and have lunch with them after the meeting. It was really cool! The fish and chips were great.
This was in an issue of the newsletter from February last year and it contained an outline of where Environment Canada could put a transmitter, in the Minden area. I will not include it here because it would take up a lot of space and I can’t provide any photo’s to go along with it here.
Well, that is it for today.


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