Simpsons Sunday – Happy Birthday

Hello and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week I will talk about the episode “Homer And Apu” and there is a birthday to be celebrated in the Simpsons.
I have never really thought of the episode Homer And Apu as one of my top 10 but it is very close as it is now one of my favourites after downloading it to my iPhone from iTunes last week. We see Homer go to the Kwik-E-Mart and foolishly eat meet that has gone bad and get really sick. He does the same with 10 pounds of shrimp after Apu apologizes to him, the first time. Then, of course Apu is fired after he is caught planning to cell filthy hot dogs and he is forced to turn in his pricing gun and everything else he needs to do his job.
He realizes that Homer is the one who got him fired and comes to try to make amends. The family eventually grow to love him and then they sing the classic song “Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart?” before we see Apu on the roof sobbing that he misses working at his beloved job.Just after this seen we find that actor James Woods replaces Apu at the Kwick-E-Mart in this episode.
Apu and Homer go to India to try to get Apu’s job back but it is a bust when Homer asks all 3 questions and this enrages Apu. Suddenly Apu realizes that he must go down to Kwick-E-Mart and face the music. He sees James Woods and tells him about working 96 hours strait and thinking he was a humming bird. Then a robber breaks in an tries to shoot Mr. Woods but gets Apu in the chest in stead.
Apu goes to the hospital and Dr. Hibburt removes the bullet from the still alive Apu. James Woods also lets him know that he has his job back. Apu is delighted and Homer and the Simpsons family all hug him, twice before the episode ends.
Okay, now that we have this out of the way, it is time to reveal the birthday boy for this week. It is none other than Matt Groening, who started it all back in 1985 outside of James L. Brooks’s office. He also created the show Futurama in 1999, which has unfortunately not been as successful as The Simpsons. Here is the link to his Simpsonswiki article.
Here also is the Wikisimpsons page on him.
Wikisimpsons is also on Facebook and Twitter and that is how I got it.
As for this blog’s history, this is the 51st post and I hope to reach 100 by either spring or my birthday in June. What ever comes first. Woohoo.


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