The Secret Other Way Of Downloading Voices For The iPhone

Hello and here is another post about Siri and voices for the iPhone. If you use the iPhone or the iPad you probably know about Siri. It is an invaluable tool for handsfree operation while driving, for taking notes and other things.
I had the iPhone 4S and now I have the iPhone 5c. They both have Siri as one of their features. I use it a lot for various reasons. Mostly making phone calls and taking notes are my top two reasons for using it.
I also use the screen reading option called Voiceover, which is much like Jaws for computers but without the robotic voice and with all human voices instead.
If you have used Voiceover on the iPhone 3 and up it is the same voice who was used for Siri, whom we now know is Suzan Bennet for the American voice and Karen Jacobson for the Austrailian voice. John Brigs is still the British voice for it too.
There are a couple of ways to download enhanced voices to your iPhone and probably the iPad as well. I can only speak for the iPhone!
To download them in the normal way, go to Settings, General, Accessibility and Voiceover. Then go to Languages And Dialects.From there you can find the voice and language you would like to add. Tap More Info for that language when it is added and tap Enhanced Voice. The downloading will start if you are connected to a Wifi network.
The other way is to go to Speak Selection and tap Voices and look for your language and dialect you would like to add. The procedure for downloading is the same as above but you can monitor your progress from here easier.
I downloaded 3 or 4 voices this way and it made a world of difference in how convenient it was to know how much progress I was making in the downloading process with the iPhone.
These are just my views on how to use Voiceover and Siri. You may have your own. Please use them wisely. By the way, this blog post was composed entirely using Siri.
“I’m sorry. I did not understand that. Could you repeat that?”


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