Weather Wednesday – A Message From A Wise Man

Hello and welcome to another post on this Weather Wednesday. This week I have something a little different. It is from my newsletter but it is from someone whom you may know from either television or on radio, when weather is a top news story.
Hello. I read with great interest your latest WeatherRadio Listeners Newsletter. WOW! What a network of weather keeners and a great service you provide linking weather radio interests. I learned a great deal about the program and look forward to perusing future issues. One suggestion is to do a feature on Randy Mawson, the father of CANWARN, who has retired in March. He is a passionate weather guy who has contributed greatly to the service of meteorology in Canada. 
Weather volunteerism is dear to my heart. That there are more weather volunteers in Canada than paid employees in the weather service is a remarkable fact and a credit to those who turn their fascination with weather into life-preserving services to all Canadians. Everything I’ve done in producing weather calendars, publishing books and speaking publicly is done to recognize the tireless and invaluable services weather volunteers like yourself provide to Canada and Canadians. They are my Canadian heroes.
Warmest regards and continued success with the Newsletter.
David Phillips
Senior Climatologist for Environment Canada
I sent David the email without thinking I would get a reply. Obviously I did and well, you can imagine how good it made me feel. I have heard him many times when I would watch The Weather Network at my parents place, before I moved out. I also hear him on the radio, when the weather is one of the main stories in the news and also when he is promoting one of his books or weather calendars.
He is honestly one of the most knowledgeable weather people in North America, along with Jim Cantore, who is the main weather guy on The Weather Channel in the US. Hopefully he has good news for us about this winters end.
Welll, that’s it for todays post.


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