Simpsons Sunday – What Might Have Been If ….

Hello and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week I am going to try and attempt to predict what might of happened if certain star’s were still alive at the time the show went on air. There are many many people who have guested on the show, either as a character or as themselves and there are others who would have probably guested if they had been around in 1989. Keep in mind that this is only my own speculation and not what would have really happened. It’s impossible to predict but it’s easier to speculate, if you know both the series and the star’s work over the years of his or her life.
I have 2 examples of this and I will come back to this topic from time to time and as others pop into my head I will put them here.
My first example is Jack Benny, who had his own radio and TV show and even had current Simpsons voice actor Harry Shearer on his show when he was 7. My second example is Mell Blanc, who also took Harry Shearer under his wing at the same time, as he was a part of Jack’s cast.
Would Jack or Mell guest on The Simpsons if they had been alive at the time? Probably yes, as one of Krusty’s celebrity friends trying to help Bart bring him out of retirement, again.
Mell could have also as easily done the voice of Gabbo too, using one of his many voices. Jack could also have been on the show, voicing a character, put together just for him in his on air persona. Hay, Bob Hope did it, why not Jack? Maybe even some of his other fellow cast members of his show would have been willing to guest on The Simpsons, if the right character roll or they were willing to poke fun at themselves. Really, who knows what would have happened.
Well, that’s it for this Sunday. I’ll be back next week with something else for my fellow Simpsons fans.


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