Thunderstorms in winter?

Hello and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. This weeks post is about a weather factor in winter that is seen as odd. If you hear thunder and see lightning in the winter months, would you think that it is very odd? With the weather the way it is these days, anything is possible and thunderstorms are not out of the question.
A normal thunderstorm is normally associated with warmer weather and what comes from the sky is in the form of either: rain or hail. There is such a thing as thundersnow and freezing rain and sleet can also fall with thunder and lightning.
One event in particular happened in January 1989, when thunderstorms rolled through Southern Ontario, with rain and freezing rain falling.
In the case of the freezing rain, it was accompanied by thunder and lightning but there wasn’t any mention of a chance of a thunderstorm in the forecast. This I find is rather odd because of it being mentioned in warning statements issued when a warning was put out by the weather office.
There was aalso a very rare severe thunderstorm watch issued for parts of Southwestern Ontario and the surrounding Great Lakes. However, it was short lived but the sharp cold front that drove out the mild air that was present throughout the day slammed into Ontario, bringing winter-like temperatures back from the above freezing temps.
If you would like more information on what happened just email me at and I will give you the whole story..


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