My Views On Meeting Celebrities…. Revisited

Hi folks. Well, this is another revisited post with a twist. In an earlier post I told some stories about meeting some famous people, in the form of rock bands. I have some more stories for you and a recommendation at the end.
The first story is a pick up from where the last post left off, in that I met the opening band for Stone Sour the same day I met Corey Taylor. The band Chevelle was touring with them at the time and I knew of their music because of a song on a compilation I had wu’n from a radio station a few months earlier. I also knew of an earlier CD they put out because I remembered a riff that sounded cool and the vocals reminded me of Tool. I was into them at the time and I still am.
Fast forward to December 2002 at the radio station and I get to meet Pete and Joe from Chevelle. Pete is the singer and Joe is the bass player. They both were really cool and we talked a bit about music, mostly about how Pete’s voice kindof sounds like Mainard from Tool. It didn’t seem to bother him and they did the interview and went to get ready to open for Stone Sour.
Fast forward to September 2004, I met the same 2 guys from Chevelle again and they both remembered me. I didn’t think it at the time but I later thought “wow! they remember me? Me, of all people.”
This was at a time in the bands life when Joe was about to be replaced by someone else and I had no idea because of a lack of access to the internet. I had no idea that Joe was leaving untill I found out 5 years later, while looking them up on Wikipedia.
My second story is about accidentally meeting David Hasselhoff while shopping at a record store in Toronto in May 2000. He was behind the counter and the lady who was taking me around pointed him out to me and I must be honest in saying that I knew of him but never watched him or his TV shows. He seemed pretty cool and I bought what I wanted that day. Oh, the lady who was taking me around worked at the store. I had become almost a regular customer for quite a while from April 2000 until some time in late 2002. I have returned there, when Sam The Record Man closed down.
Those are my stories. Now, I should recommend to anyone who is a fan of The Simpsons, and especially Lisa Simpson, to check out Yeardley Smith’s blog on Tumbler. Yes, she is the voice of Lisa and also a great singer too. Here is a link to her latest post.
I am obviously a fan of the show and Lisa happens to be one of my favourite character’s along side the rest of the main Simpsons family.Thanks Yeardley for giving us, the fans, a peak into your life as a celebrity.


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