Simpsons Sunday – My Own Take On Bart Simpson

Hi folks. If you are a regular reader you know that I have published my own posts about the TV show The Simpsons every Sunday, soon after I recently started blogging. This week is no exception because we have a birthday to talk about and I would like to explore the character’s from time to time. I will try and get around to everyone if I can and I will give my own personal views on whom I spotlight.
This week I am going to talk about Bart Simpson. I think underneath everything he does to either: enrage Homer, be a thorn in the side of Principal Skinner and Edna Krabappel, fighting with his sister Lisa and playing practical jokes, he really is a nice kid.
After all, how could he have as many friends as he has on the show, without an ounce of good nature in him? Also, he has also tried to help out both Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel’s love lives, even if it was to try and get out of detention or to get revenge. Such as when Principal Skinner drops his detention after he is in love with Marge’s twin sister Patty or when he writes love letters to Mrs. Krabappel in the form of Woodrow, to either get revenge on her or to help her with her love life, because she is lonely. When she decides they should meet, Woodrow stands her up and she cries. Bart feels some remorse for what he has done and tries to make her feel better.
He could use what he has for good in stead of being a trouble maker. However, we like the latter, but personally I like a bit of both. I think that if he wanted to, he would probably help me out if I needed it and he wouldn’t regard me as a potential adversary. Let’s not forget that he has also helped Homer with various things during the show and Homer is his Father. Also, especially in the early seasons, he would come to Otto Mann, the school bus driver when he needed some advice. When you think about it he does have some respect for select authority figures.
On the other hand, it’s fun when Bart does things to get people bent out of shape because it makes for interesting watching. But I don’t like it when he makes Lisa cry. He always apologizes after doing this and that is good, on his part. A good example of this is when Bart wrecks Lisa’s cemtre piece for the Season 2 episode Bart VS. Thanksgiving. He does run away and refuses to apologize throughout the episode but Lisa encourages him and eventually he does and she excepts and kisses him.
Another example of him trying to make it up to people is when he got Principal Skinner fired and befriended him afterward. This shows that he did feel some remorse for it but eventually he did miss having Skinner as an adversary and things went back to normal.
Like I said, I think that Bart is really a good kid but he has a need to shock and I get it. I think when we were kids we liked to make our parents and other adults react and it is fun at the time. If I had sight I probably would have been like Bart with certain authority figures but nice with others because like me, I think Bart has that soft gentle side where he wants to be loved and appreciated for who he is.
The other thing I had against me becoming a Bart Simpson is that I was sheltered as a kid and I didn’t get out as much, except to go for walks with my Mom or play in the school playground. Oh, of course the other thing is that I was also born blind. Bart has that over me and he does well with his eye sight and I do reasonably well with none.
This week we celebrate the 48th birthday of Bill Oakley, who was born February 27th 1966. He co-ran the show during season seven and eight with Josh Weinstein and co-wrote a few episodes along the way with Josh from 1992 to 1997. Actually, he had some involvement with Season 9 as 3 episodes were hold-overs from Season 8. : The City Of New York VS. Homer Simpson, The Principal And The Pauper and Lisa The Simpson. The second of which was one of the most controversial episodes of The Simpsons because it revealed Principal Skinner to be an imposter but at the end the episode resets the continuity back to normal. Well, normal for a Simpsons episode. I haven’t watched that particular episode and I’m not really sure how I would react to it.
He has also done other work besides The Simpsons. Look him up on Wikipedia for more information.
Well, that is all for this weeks post. A new episode of The Simpsons is on tonight and there will be an all lego episode this spring.


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