Weather Wednesday – How To Get Your Weather

Welcom to another Weather Wednesday. I suppose that most of you who receive my newsletter are reading this and I welcome anyone who has an interest in weather and Weather Radio. This week I’m going to talk about what you can do to keep yourself informed on the weather. This will be a review for some people and new information to others but I hope it will help in saving lives and in planning for tomorrow’s activities.
Okay, you have a radio and you have a computer and phone. Can you use them all to keep you up to date on the local weather? The answer is yes. Here is a brief description of how you can use all of them as tools to keep you up to date on the weather, whether it is current or long range.
On the radio you get the usual bla bla bla from the on air announcers who give you a condensed version of the latest weather forecast either from the weather office or from other sources. Of course you can get it from the news on TV, where you can get a picture of what is happening and what may happen in the next few days. Of course there is also the Weather Channel where you can get weather on your TV in the US and The Weather Network here in Canada, which serves the same function.
Back to radio for a moment. There is Weatheradio Canada and NOAA Weather Radio on VHF frequencies as well as Continuous Marine Broadcasts in Canada, also on VHF frequencies. You can only receive these broadcasts on receivers that tune into the frequencies that they appear on, with some exceptions. Weather Radio’s come in all shapes and sizes and can vary in price, depending on the amount of features a particular unit has on it.
Ham Radio operators can get involved with CANWARN in Canada and SKYWARN in the US. Well, actually anyone can get involved with them but Ham Radio comprises the main part of their operations.
On the telephone you can call a local phone number to get the latest weather forecast and current weather that is happening. However, not every city, town or village has their own phone number.
Finally, on your computer you can go on the web to get the latest weather in your local area and there are also apps for your Smartphone which can help you to get your current weather too. They can be anything from a built in weather app on the iPhone to app’s for NOAA Weather Radio. You can decide what is best for you.
That is just a brief outline on how you can get current weather. If you would like to find out more, go on Google and you can find out about all of these things.


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