March Break For The Kids And Adults :)

Good day. It is a Saturday and well, it is the second day of March break. How cool is that? If you are a student it is especially cool because it is the first holiday of the year for you. You had to endure getting your ass out of bed every day to go to school and of course, your bed is nice and warm and the weather is so damn cold outside, it sucks to be you. Well, now it’s your March break and I hope you enjoy it.
As for us adults, well, not much different from any other regular day or week in our lives. Of course, it is also tax time and well it can be interesting. You get to hear all these radio and TV add’s and about these new fangled ways to do your taxes on the Internet and elsewhere. Well, at some point I should check out these new fangled ways to do our taxes. Maybe there’s an app on the iPhone for it. I don’t know but hopefully I can find something. In the meantime, I have someone who does it for me and I like it this way. It’s less work for me but more work for them and I guess they enjoy it. The thing is I have to come to them, they can’t come to me. I guess that is the trade off.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the next 8 days and hopefully spring comes sooner than the weatherman is predicting this year. However, I won’t count on that coming true.


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