Happy birthday Vinnie Paul

Well hello again my loyal readers. Today is the 50th birthday of one Vinsent Paul Abbot. We know him in the hard rock and metal world as Vinnie Paul, the drummer for: Pantera, damageplan and hellyeah. Him and his late brother Darrell started out in 1981 with Pantera untill it broke up in 2003, dew to communication issues with other members. They forned Damageplan and released New Found Power in 2004 and Dimebag Darrell was killed on December 8th in Columbus Ohio. since then, Vinny has formed the supergroup hellyeah and has done okay ever since.
I mentioned both Vinnie and Darrel starting Pantera in 1981 because it’s true. With the help of their Father Jerry they started their own record label and formed the band, with a different singer than the one we know from 1988 to the break up. 
Unfortunately for us Pantera fans, a reunion won’t happen because of ongoing issues with former members and the fact that Dimebag Daryl is no longer with us. I for one, would like to see something like that happen but I don’t think it will. All though it would be cool to hear a new Pantera song that isn’t an old unreleased track.
Anyway, happy birthday to Vinnie and I hope he celebrates with plenty of crown royal to go around.


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