Simpsons Sunday – Bart’s Dog And Goodby To Edna

Welcome to another Simpson Sunday. Okay okay, I screwed up. Both Diggs and The Man Who Grew Too Much aired last week. I should have known something was up when I didn’t find a new episode script on the SpringfieldX2 website. However, they both turned up the next day.
I think they are both good episodes and I like the send off for Edna Krabappel at the end of The Man Who Grew Too Much. It’s sad to see her go and equally so that Marcia Wallace passed away last October. Everyone who has tweeted about her says that she was a very nice person. I believe it because as Edna Krabappel she did show some compassion for Bart, when he broke down in tears after failing the fourth grade initially, at the end of Season 2’s premiere episode Bart Gets An F. I can sometimes tell when an actor is showing parts of their real personality in their character and this is a good example of this, as far as I can tell.
When I heard about her passing I had just woken from a nap and checked my notifications on my iPhone and it was one of the first things I heard coming out of the speaker. I replied to one of the Simpsons related Twitter accounts and I received a reply back, basically saying how it is a sad day for Simpsons fans. I wish I had a chance to meet her and I hope I get a chance to meet and maybe become friends with some of the rest of the cast and crew of the show. I follow most of them on Twitter and I enjoy their tweets, whether it is about their work on the show or about their other careers.
This week I’m going to talk about an early episode, which I recently downloaded and heard for the first time. It’s the Season 2 episode Bart’s Dog Gets An F, which centres around the Simpsons family dog Santa’s Little Helper. Basically, he’s being a bad dog. Eating things he shouldn’t and ruining a valuable family heirloom. Bart and rolls SLH in an obedience school, where he does not do well, because Bart is reluctant to use the choke chain to correct the dog. He does and he feels sorry after Santa’s Little Helper whines and yelps and Bart says “sorry boy, you can’t help being dumb. ”
That is the part that brings me to tears every time I hear the whine. I’m not the biggest fan of dogs but I don’t like to hear an domesticated animal cry out in hurt. This shows Bart’s soft side toward’s his other best friend, besides Milhouse.
Anyway, eventually Santa’s Little Helper learns to obey Bart’s commands and passes his test. So, the family keep him.
Voice actor frank Welker does all the dog noises. He is so good, I actually thought it was a real dog. Frank Welker turned 68 last Wednesday and has done voices for many characters over the years. Such as: Dr. Claw, Barney Rubble, Scooby-Doo, Garfield the cat and many other voices and vocal affects. He was even a part of the McDonald’s McDonaldland commercial’s where he voiced the once villainess character Grimace, alongside: Ronald McDonald and the hamburglar as the other main characters.
Let us not forget his work on the TV show Transformers where he voiced many characters including Meggatron. He is still active as a voice actor and still provides voices for characters as a part of the Transformers franchise. Currently, Dan Castellaneta does all the animal noises on The Simpsons, except for the sound affects.
Another historical event in the life of The Simpsons was when Nancy Cartwright first did the voice for Bart Simpson as an audition on March 13th1987. She was supposed to do the voice of Lisa but she found Lisa’s character at the time, not quite as interesting as Bart. As we know, Yeardley Smith got the part for Lisa instead. See Nancy Cartwright’s book My Life As A 10-year-old Boy for more on this.
Also, happy belated birthday to longtime Simpsons: animator, Producer and Director David Silverman born March 15th, age 57. He is not only known for his work on The Simpsons but he is also a musician too, playing the tuba in a marching band. Want more on this? Look him up on Wikipedia through any Simpsons related Wikipedia page. There are many other people with his name.
I am looking forward to the coming of spring and future episodes during this season. It should be interesting how it ends and how next seasons premiere episode will play out. Remember? They have been talking about killing off a character during the premiere of next season’s episode. I wonder who it could be? I have my theories but I’m not going to say anything. It would also be nice to get something Simpsons related for my birthday on June 2nd. I’m just saying!
Well, that is all for this weeks post.


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