Whether Wednesday – freezing rain bad. Why?

Hello again. This is another Weather Wednesday blog post for you to digest. This week I’m going to tell you a story about freezing rain and why I try to avoid it when I can.
In March 1989 I was staying the weekend at school for a wrestling meet and the forecast called for freezing rain on the Saturday. This also happened to be the day we were taking our guests from the schools for the blind in: Oklahoma and Arkansas, to both Niagara Falls and Toronto.
When I tried walking from the residence to the dining room it was very slippery, because it had been raining all night, with freezing rain. By the time I went out the door it had changed to rain but it was still very icy and I almost fell. At the time I weighed about 80 pounds and I was just as tall as I am now.
Anyway, I had help keeping my balance and I made it to the bus we had chartered for us. We went to Niagara Falls and Toronto and it was slippery all through the trip and it was also cold with the mist from the falls.
The trip was good and I bought a tape by a band I liked at the time and it was worth almost falling on the ice.
Now that I am older and I can reflect on it, I pity anyone, who is a pedestrian and has to walk on the ice during or after a freezing rain event. This also helps to explain why I am so strongly in favour of services like Weather Radio in both Canada and the US, to help people keep up with the latest forecast and also save lives. What if someone falls on the ice and hits their head so hard that the impact kills them? I have the same respect for lightning and I am very cautious, when I hear that thunderstorms are in the forecast. Sadly, most people don’t take the weather as seriously as I do and they are either injured or even killed by occurring adverse weather events at the time.
Next week I will be talking about volunteer programs that the weather offices in both Canada and the US have started to help them with spotting weather. I should say, allows them to help us to help them wit spotting weather.


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