Spring Is Here…. Really?

Hello my friends and readers. Welcome to another and of winter and beginning of spring. It sure feels like spring doesn’t it? Yeah, right. I’ve heard that the weather is supposed to be unseasonably cold until about the end of March or as late as mid April.
Folks, unfortunately the transition from winter to spring is not always easy. The weather can be very tricky at this time of year just like when fall becomes winter. Some years, spring just doesn’t arrive, until about the first or second week of April, with sunshine and mild to warm temperatures. There are other years when spring arrives early and then it gets cold or very cool again. In my memory: 1990, 1995, 2000, 2003 and 2012 are years that I would site as early springs, with either a full return or a partial return of winter. In 2010 the spring was a long one but there wasn’t really a return of winter but it was as cold for one day, without the accumulation of snow and there was no deep freeze. However, there was a pay back, when an unusually cool air mass crashed into Southern Ontario in May, bringing snow and cool temperatures back for a few days. This was after a week or so of temperatures in the 20s and upper teens.
I wonder what this year will bring? According to the Farmer’s almanac we should Seaspring start here in southern Ontario around April 1 but according to Environment Canada Springlike temperatures aren’t supposed to arrive until about April 15 or so. So, it’s hard to say who is right but we will see how it all plays out. In the meantime, it is spring time, despite what it feels like and what it is forecasted to feel like for a while.


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