Simpsons Sunday – Fan fiction

Hello again and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week I’m going to talk about fan fiction.
As I am relatively new to the internet and how fans of TV shows write their own fictional accounts of what the show is about, I recently discovered Simpsons fan fiction and I have some things to say about it. I have found that people like to put the characters in the future and that’s okay. For example: I found a story in which Bart and Lisa are in their college and university years. Bart is close to being an alcoholic and Lisa is going to university. She gets a call from Milhouse about Bart being stationary for 4 days or so and she comes to see him to try and find out what is going on and why he is behaving like this.
Okay, it may not be the exact story but it is close. I only read part of it once and that is what I remember from it. I can see Lisa still being the same brainiac she is now and maybe Bart would be an alcoholic and ending up in rehab. Then again, maybe he grows out of his current traits and becomes a model citizen.
For me, my approach is to leave the characters alone, as far as age is concerned. However, I don’t mind bending the personalities just a bit, to suit my purposes. However, I will not stray too far from the characters common traits. What I am trying to do is get down to the bones of how each character is and at the core of the show, everyone really does love each other. Whether they are friends, family, etc.
I actually have 2 stories I have written and I am continuing to tweak them, as my own fan fictional episode or short story. They are quite a bit different from what you would expect from a normal Simpsons episode and this reflects what I said earlier about getting down to the basics of each of the characters and showing that if things suck enough they all pull together, in order to help each other.
One story involves Krusty The Clown quitting his show, after an internet contest to see who could impersonate him. It goes so well that he has chosen a winner named Gordie. This guy actually is based around me in stature and because I can also do Krusty’s voice in real life.
Basically, Bart, Millhouse and Krusty’s Dad Hyman all go to find Krusty in Toronto Ontario Canada and try to convince him to come back. It takes a while but he finally gives in and returns to his show and Gordie goes back to being himself, because he didn’t want the gig full time. He feels it is a slap in the face to the loyal fans of Krusty The Clown.
Another story I have been working more intensely with is much more complicated and is more suitable as a short story rather than an episode of the show. To make it is short as possible, Homer has an accident at the nuclear power plant, which renders him totally blind. He finds it hard to cope but everybody rallies around him, especially his kids and he eventually feels better.
Mean while, Bart and Lisa are excused from class, when Bart throws a fit and is told to leave the classroom by Mrs. Krabappel. Lisa has been given the day off because Miss Hoover wanted her to check on Bart. In this story, Nelson is more of a friend to not just Bart and Lisa but also Milhouse, who does get hurt in this story. He has an asthma attack and later Ron, he gets hit in the face with a squishy. This Knox his glasses off and he can’t see.
It turns out that Sideshow Bob knows the truth as to why Homer is now blind and he tells Bart and Lisa, who are reluctant to believe it completely but after Homer finds out about why he is now blind they believe him. The culprit is charged with attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison. Miraculously, Homer’s eye sight is restored somewhat near the end of the story.
That is the very basic outline of my story. I started it long before Marcia Wallace died and just before Season 25 started airing. It took a lot of research into all the characters and about blindness itself. I am blind but I didn’t want to just go with my own knowledge so I did some additional research.
There are more elements to the story and I even brought back an old character from season two. I also tried to give as many characters a roll in the story as I could but I just couldn’t include everyone. However, I am still coming up with new idea’s for the story so it will be even stronger, by the time people see it. All though, I would like the people involved with The Simpsons to see it first before I do anything with it. What I have given here is just a very basic explanation of the plot and there are more twists and turns in the story and some surprises.
If anyone is interested in reading what I have done just send me an email
I will get back to you and send you the story. Once again, I have some pollishing up to do of some of the parts and it isn’t final yet. I don’t intend either of these to be episodes or specials but I would like them to be put out there so people can see how some fans see the characters, independant of how they have developed over the years. If you have any contributions that you think you could make to help me make it funny, be my guest. I welcome anyone who is a fan of the show to add their own lines for the various characters.
Well, that’s all for this weeks post. Enjoy tonight’s episode called The War Of Art. This episode has the same name as a 2001 CD by American new metal band American Head Charge. I don’t think it will be as violent but we’ll see how it turns out.


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