Hello again welcome to another blog post. Before I begin I would just like to say that my name is Gord and I love to sleep.
I know this is rather a weird topic to discuss but dreams are one of my favourite things about having a snooze. Of course, when you wake up things are back to normal and it sucks.
As a kid my dreams didn’t really make any sense and there was no real structure to them. The exception to this rule was at the end of some of them a monster type creature would sit on my chest and growl or hum. It scared me and sometimes I didn’t want to go back to sleep in fear of it happening again.
There were also times when I tried to find my bed and I couldn’t. I didn’t understand what was happening. I actually thought that I was taken away from my home and I was left by myself to find my bed again.
These days, my dreams actually make more sense and I remember some parts of them. Some of my favourite ones is where I go on a bus trip somewhere and I would try to enhance it by sleeping with the window open. I can hear the city buses outside and the trucks also sound like highway coaches sometimes. I also like to sleep with my Weather Radio on and that also makes my dreams more interesting. Sometimes I dreamt that I was on a bus trip to Niagara Falls or maybe even parts of the US. It is just weird but I love it.
Sometimes the old dreams come back but not too often. There are even times when I had a dream that I was back at my old school and was with the students again. I even imagined that I was driving a car and I think I was pretty good for having no eye sight to speak of.
I don’t remember every detail of my dreams but I do have those memories that stand out. I also like it when TV shows go into dream sequences. I find it very fascinating that they can do that. I’m sure The Simpsons has done this many times, with Homer falling asleep at work and with other characters as well.
That’s it for today.


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