My date with the dentist

Hello again readers and welcome to another post from my blog. Today, I’m going to talk about going to the dentist. Why? I have to go. Yet, I’m not afraid of going to the dentist.
This brings up an appointment I had to go to on January 14, 2004. To give you some background on this story, during the Christmas holidays and 2003 I was suffering big time with a really bad tooth ache. I have had canker sores all of my life but this was a real doozy. All Christmas Day I was in sheer agony.
It started early that morning, when I woke up and all I could feel was pain in the mouth and it really really hurt and I couldn’t go back to sleep for almost 24 hours.
I went to my dentist as soon as I could book an appointment and there was an abscess, which required the removal of four of my wisdom teeth. Before the appointment I would be taking: addville, Ambussille and Midol. Yes, Midol actually worked.
When I went I had brought along my CD player so I could listen to one of my favourite CD’s at the time: Ænima by Tool, which still is one of my favourites to this day. It also got me through the September 11th attacks and the 2003 blackout. In fact, I was listening to that CD when I had learned about it. I digress.
I heard everything despite the laughing gas and of course, I was num so I didn’t feel any pain as they were pulling my teeth out. As for what I could put into my body, I had to refrain from eating hard solid foods and I had to resort to drinking Boost for a day or two. I didn’t mind that because I knew what it was but I didn’t like the taste at the time, because it was in a tin can and not the plastic bottles like they are now.
As you can imagine, it was really painful after the freezing had worn off and I was prescribed Percocet and Tylenol three. They both serve me well later on, when I had trouble sleeping and when I came down with a cold in early 2005.
I mention this experience because I have to go again for some possible bone removal and I’m not looking forward to it. However I’m not afraid of it.


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