Simpsons Sunday – Influence On Our Speech

Hello and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week I have decided to try and figure out how the show has influenced us as people.
Some people have stated that we all speak like the characters do on the show and I can agree with that to a point. A friend of mine says “d’oh” when he is wrong about something and he doesn’t even watch the show. I have even started saying “woohoo” when I hear something I like or when I’m happy, just like Homer.
As far as people in other ocupations go, in rock music Les Claypool of the band Primus owns a recording studio called Rancho Relaxo. If you have watched the Season 3 episode Homer Alone, you know that is where Marge goes to get away from the family for a weekend. She has a great time and the rest of the Simpsons family…. well, I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Really, who hasn’t? It’s on iTunes! As far as Les Claypool goes, him and his band Primus wrote the theme song for another animated TV show South Park. It is a great show in its own right and they have also payed homage to The Simpsons with an episode The Simpsons Did It. I have no problem with it because I love both TV shows and I don’t hold it against Primus for writing the theme to South Park. Recently, I went on Google and found a video of Primus playing The Simpsons theme. Unfortunately, I can’t play it on my phone..
Anyway, The Simpsons has become part of our vernacular and the clips being played onvarious media outlets make it even more pervasive. Really, do we want it any other way? I don’t think so. In fact, I love it. The more I hear “d’oh” and “woohoo” and other popular catchphrases it brings a huge smile to my face.
Enjoy tonights episode and keep watch for the couch gag, by Burlington Ontario native Katie Hemming. This is really cool and I’m very happy for her. I hope she passes her exams with flying colors and she gets her first gig soon after she graduates.
Also, don’t forget to check out Chris Ladesma’s blog at
Also, check out Yeardley Smith’s blog at
She of course, voices Lisa Simpson and both of these Blogs are interesting to me, both because they are associated with The Simpsons but you get a peak into their life outside the show as well.


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