Weather Wednesday – W-R120 Midland Weather Radio

Hello and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. This week I will continue my discussions on individual WX Radios with a look at the W-R120 desktop model from Midland. This replaces the W-R100 and it has some new options added to the menu layout.
This unit takes 3AA batteries and also has a cloning port if you like. Unfortunately it doesn’t say too much about it in the manual.
Like the W-R602 the W-R120 allows you the option of reading the text in: English, French and Spanish. This obviously reflects that both NOAA Weather Radio and Weatheradio Canada broadcast weather information in more than one language and the multi-culture of both Canada and the United States.
It also allows for you to hear the weekly test of your Weather Radio station but it also allows the monthly test to be heard. This is a step up from the models I discussed last week, which don’t have this option and it is recommended that you turn it on. The reason for this is after 8 days or so it will flash “check reception” and an alarm will go off every so often until an alert is issued. I have only read this and have yet to experience it.
Once again, this unit has Specific Area Message Encoding or SAME and I have discussed it before in previous posts.
When you first activate it you may want to get right to setting everything up. It is possible but if you are like me, you want to use the propper menu layout. T get to it after activation the unit, press the select button repeatedly, until you hear static or the voice of your local WX Radio station. The default channel for Midland SAME radios is Channel 4. I’m not sure why but that is the case with all 4 models discussed so far, which are manufactured by Midland.
If you would like to return the W-R120 back to factory default, disconnect the radio from AC power and reconnect it, with a finger on the Weather-Snooze bar and it will go back to the factory default. It actually says it in the manual and it is very important to keep it in mind, if for some reason you need to do this.
Anyway, that is a basic look at the W-R120 Midland desktop Weather Radio.


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