Simpsons Sunday – George Carlin

Hello and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. I would like to start off by wishing all the Mothers who are reading this a happy Mothers Day and to my Mom as well.
This week is my blog on George Carlin. He appeared in the Season 10 episode D’o’h-in In The Wind as Munchie, one of Homer’s Mother Mona’s old associates from her days as a radical in the 1960s. I actually found out about 7 years later, when I watched it, or rather heard it, on my Discman for the first time.
I have been a fan of his comedy since the early 1980s and so is my Mother. All though I think she is into more of his more mainstream comedy, where as I am into all of it, especially his darker material.
I also enjoyed him when he voiced mr. Conductor on the children’s TV show Shining Time Station. He also made reference to this character on his 1999 HBO special and the album of the same name You Are All Diseased, as he went into his piece about children and child worship. Let us not forget that he also appeared in such movies as: Dogma, The Prince Of Tides, Outrageous Fortune, That Girl, Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the animated movie Cars, among others.
As I said, I enjoy all of his comedy because he would not only make you laugh but he would use as much of the English language as he could in his routines. If you think the Seven Durty Words are all he is known for, you need to listen to all of his comedy albums and read and or listen to his books. He inspired me to write and to find more interesting words to put into my vocabulary. Unfortunately, to this day my spelling is less then to be desired. Thankfully the iPhone can save my ass.
As for his history with The Simpsons, he worked with Sam Simon on his George Carlin Show in 1994 and I actually didn’t mind it. I knew what I was in for, even though I hadn’t heard his latest album at the time, Jammin In New York. I like how he dissects the announcements that we hear when: boarding, flying on and disembarking an airplane. We all should buy his comedy albums and read and hear his books to actually learn what really is going on in this world, even though it is kinda distorted in humour. There is actually a serious message you miss if you don’t catch it. That is what I think he is talking about, when he refers to his comedy from the 90s until his death, as comedy as art. You need to engage the minds of your audience with some serious sounding thoughts about what you are trying to tell them, then hit them with a joke when they are least expecting it. I like that way of performing because to me, it is almost like you are in a dream and the punchline is you, waking up and realizing what you just went through isn’t real.
That is also why I love The Simpsons; they satirize the human condition the same way George Carlin commented on it through his comedy in all his approaches to it. He did Character Comedy, Observational Comedy and his own comedy as art. That is what I feel The Simpsons does so well with each episode. There are different kinds of them and they can go from one theme to the next for each kind of story and that is what George Carlin did so well throughout his 50 plus years in Comedy.
Anyway, he did inspire me to write but he didn’t inspire me to write this blog, even though as I said earlier, he did plant the seed in my mind to want to be some sort of a writer. I will mention again, who inspired me to start this blog in a later blog post.
Also, tomorrow would have been George’s 77th birthday. When he died on June 22nd 2008 I was just about in tears and I had heard it on a morning radio show I listened to at the time. I wonder if he was around today, would he be on Twitter and Facebook? There is an account I follow with the Twitter handle @The GeorgeCarlin and it mainly has excerpts from his comedy and his books. I enjoy it and I sometimes RT those tweets or I favorite them. I also follow his daughter Kelly and she is thankfully doing well. I hope she comes to Canada some time so I could meet her and let her know how much of a fan I am of her Dad’s work. I highly recommend George’s posthumously released book Last Words. I have the audiobook version, which is read by his brother Patrick. It also has an interview with Kelly and George’s co-author Tony Hendra. I thought it was cool that all 3 people did what they did for it and I think it is one of the best audiobooks ever, besides Nancy Cartwright’s My Life As A 10–Year-Old Boy.
As for how The Simpsons writers managed to get him as a guest star, that has never really been revealed. I think it is a miracle because of his past experience with his own show but I’m glad it happened.
As for the birthdays this week, happy birthday to James L. Brooks who turned 74 on Friday. He is also known for the Mary Tyler Moore show in the 1970s. My parents would watch it and I never really got into it untill I heard it in reruns in the 80s. At the end of the closing credits I always thought that was some kids dall making that crying sound but I later found out that it was a cat. I wonder who had that idea? I think it is kinda cool.
James also helped co-create The Simpsons with both Matt Groening and Sam Simon and we know how it is doing write now. It has been going for 25 years and this year is the 25th anniversary. It is also the 27th anniversary of the family being on the air. Thanks Jim for all your work over the years and may it continue and may you have many more birthdays.
Tonight is the second last episode of Season 25, entitled Pay Pal. It looks like it could be a goody, as there is a newly discovered neighbour of The Simpsons who will make an appearance. We’ll see if this will be a one time character or not.
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She of course, voices Lisa Simpson and both of these Blogs are interesting to me, both because they are associated with The Simpsons but you get a peak into their life outside the show as well.
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Also, you can follow The Simpsons Executive Producer Al Jean on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @AlJean and at this time he has 879 followers.
He is still new and let’s be nice to him, okay? I read an article he provided a link to, which documented all his screw ups during his first week on Twitter. It made me feel bad for him and I hope there will be no more articles like that. I am interested in what my favourite celebrities are doing but I wouldn’t go so far as to document all of their mistakes. Here is the link at, take care and I’ll talk to you later.


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