Simpsons Sunday – Homer Simpson VS Me

Hello and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week let’s talk about Homer Simpson. Shall we? I think so! I am going to both compare and contrast Homer to myself in this post and you will learn more about me through all the random facts about the two of us. Ready? Okay, here we go.
Homer is overweight and balled; I am skinny, short and I have a shaved head. Homer likes food that is bad for him and I do too. Homer has had a triple bypass: I have been lucky enough not to go through this, yet. Homer has a temper and sometimes gets enraged by Bart quite easily. I was a hot head back in Grade 9 and I have mellowed to the point where I am a big suck.
Homer loves donuts and I love donuts, especially from Tim Hortons. I even love their coffee so much that it is the only coffee I drink now.
Homer loves chocolate and I also love chocolate. Give me a chocolate donut and I am in donut Heaven. “Mmm! chocolate donuts.”
Homer can play a musical instrument and I can also do that. I play: guitar, bass, drums and I can sing. Also, homer has even written songs and had successful music careers during the series and I have written my own songs and one is on CD. As for my own career in music, it was dead before it even got started. Some things in my life conspired to kill my dream and I had no real chance of it ever getting off the ground. I should mention that I did try.
Homer can be very stupid and he does some really dumb things. Sometimes I can be just as much of a dolt as him but I am lucky enough to have a pretty good head on my shoulders.
Homer can be child-like and sometimes acts like one in certain situations. I also have that side to me and in an early post I mentioned how much I missed being a kid again. Homer can be very affectionate and so can I. In fact, I love giving and getting hugs.
Homer has been married to Marge from the start of the Simpsons. I have had bad luck with finding a long term relationship with a woman.
If Homer was blind, would he be like he is now? or would he be more like me? I think he would have to tone down some of his personallity traits if he was suddenly made blind, without being attacked by crows or some other comedic method of using blindness as a plot device.
Well, I feel bad for missing an important birthday in Simpsons land but happy belated birthday to Russi Taylor, who was born May 4th 1944. She is 70 and still voices: Martin Prince, the twins Sherri and Terri and German student üter Zörker, among others. She has done a lot of voice work for various cartoon series over the years,. One that stands out for me was Muppet Babies where she voiced Baby Gonzo. For more on her career, just Google her.
Tonight is the finale of Season 25, entitled The Yellow Badge Of Cowardge. It sounds like an interesting plot, as Bart wins a race on the last day of school. We’ll see if this will be a turning point in the relationships with certain characters in the series or not.
Also, don’t forget to check out Chris Ladesma’s blog at
As usual, I also recommend checking out Yeardley Smith’s blog at
She of course, voices Lisa Simpson and both of these Blogs are interesting to me, both because they are associated with The Simpsons but you get a peak into their life outside the show as well.
You can also comment on my post here or you can email me at and I will reply as soon as I can to all messages I receive.
Also, you can follow The Simpsons Executive Producer Al Jean on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @AlJean and at this time he has 947 followers. He will be tweeting live during tonights Simpsons episode. I will surely be there for that and I will give him a mention when I can.
Anyway, that is it for this weeks Simpsons Sunday post. The show may be done as far as Season 25 but I will continue this as well as some other topics I have yet to dig into starting this week. After all, it is based on anything that pops into my little head.


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