Simpsons Sunday – Homer’s Enemy

Hello and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week I am going to talk about one of my favourite episodes over the last few weeks, Homers Enemy. I have been reading up on it after watching it for the first time last June and it really amazes me that Homer would actually have someone who cannot stand him. I think Homer is a real goof but I wouldn’t become his enemy over who he is. Anyway, let’s talk about the episode.
The main character besides the usual cast is Frank Grimes, who had to work hard for everything and he is forced to work alongside Homer, after Mr. Burns gives his original executive position to a dog.
He gets more and more irritated by homers stupidity and finally declares that him and Homer our enemies. Homer invites Frank to dinner to try and become friends with him. Frank is disgusted that Homer has seemingly the perfect family and the perfect life, despite his work ethic and he storms out of The Simpsons home.
The next day, Homer tries to act more professional but Frank Grimes doesn’t buy it. He tricks Homer into entering a contest for kids, to design a model of the nuclear power plant. He wins over: Ralph Wiggum and Martin Prince. Frank see’s this and finally snaps, running around the plant mocking Homer and while doing so, touches high voltage wires electrocuting himself.
I find this episode to be one of the best that isn’t available on iTunes yet. It shows us how Homer would work with someone who is unlike him in every way possible. Unfortunately it also teaches us that sometimes you just can’t win over your enemies. It also makes me think about if Homer had a new friend at the plant instead of an enemy. Would that be just as funny? It probably could if this person was like Grimes, in that he was a hard worker but also had Homer’s love of food. He could help out Homer and have his back when things got hot. It’s not a script idea of mine but it’s just a thought I have. Really, do we want Homer and Frank Grimes any other way? The episode is fine the way it is.
On another note, Hank Azaria did the voice for Frank Grimes and I didn’t pick up on that until after I read it on the internet. Yes, Hank is that good to even fool me. I thought it was another guest star who voiced him. According to Nancy Cartwright’s My Life As A 10-Year-Old Boy, they were going to have a guest voice the roll but Hank was so good that it was decided that he should do it. Bravo, Hank.
Well, Season 25 is over and now we are looking forward to Season 26. I have a feeling that we won’t know which episode will be the premier until soon before, some time in September. That is the one where a character will take the durt nap.
I will keep my ears open for updates, despite the strong possibility of misinformation about the premier episode and what it could be. There are titles that have been released and some look like they could be the one. If you want to find out about Season 26, just google it and you will find some articles on the up coming season.
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