Weather Wednesday – Surviving a WXR Outage

Hi and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. This week I’m going to touch on something I have mentioned before but on a different angle. What can you do if your local Weather Radio transmitter is off the air? This is what happened to those of us who live in Toronto Ontario Canada on Sunday and most of Monday.
To give you the background on this outage, it started at 12:59 A.M. on Sunday morning. I put out the word on both Twitter and Facebook, as well as on the websites of Amateur Radio groups I belong to. I also took it upon myself to monitor 162.400 MHz, which is the frequency for Toronto Weather Radio XMJ225, which is the subject of this blog and the outage. I heard a few stations during the outage including one in Erie Pennsylvania, Cleveland Ohio and in Goderich Ontario. The one in Pennsylvania was the most prevalent and it kept me company while I was sleeping on Sunday night.
I had also received unhappy tweets from some people and I will not repeat them here or in my newsletter but I did reply to them to do as much damage control as I could. I guess what I am trying to say in this post is that if you have knowledge of what other stations are on the same frequency as your local WXR, you can use it to your advantage and you get to dx. Shortwave listeners do this all the time and as a licensed Ham, I weather dx when I can and this was a real field day for me.
On Monday afternoon at around 3:14 P.M. Toronto XMJ225 went back on the air. It took a few minutes for it to completely load all the updated data but it is working now as this post has been released.
Well, that’s it for this weeks post.


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